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Morgan Brinlee is News & Entertainment Writer at Romper who, since joining the team in 2019, has covered everything from health, education, and the political policies that impact parents most to the latest happenings in kid’s entertainment. She’s previously written about politics, immigration rights, reproductive rights, issues of inclusion, and more for Bustle with additional bylines in Diablo Magazine and World Press Review. She studied Humanities and Journalism at San Francisco State University and now lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and two cats.


Where Prince George, Princess Charlotte, & More Young Royals Fall In The Of Succession

Fun fact: Not all of Queen Elizabeth's great-grandchildren have royal titles.


The Queen Left Prince Philip A Handwritten Note With A Sweet Personal Detail

The queen signed her note using a childhood nickname Prince Philip is believed to have been the last to use.


Health Officials In Brazil Recommend Postponing Pregnancies Due To New COVID Variants

“The best thing is to wait for a little,” a Brazilian health ministry official said.


Get A Sneak Peek At Netflix’s Arlo The Alligator Boy With This Exclusive Clip

To find his father, Arlo leaves his swamp and heads to New York City. But because he doesn’t know how to drive, his trip gets off to a bumpy start.


New Photos Taken By Kate Middleton Of Prince Philip & His Grandchildren Are So Sweet

Members of the royal family have released private photos of the late Prince Philip spending time with some of his great-grandchildren.


Exclusive: Watch A Whale Calf Learn To Blow Bubbles In A New Nat Geo Series On Disney+

Watch a humpback calf as it learns to blow a bubble net in Secrets Of The Whales, a four-part special hitting Disney+ on Earth Day.

Child Care

Universal Child Care Could Mean $130 Billion More In Collective Earnings For Women

The average mom of two would see her lifetime earnings increase by $97,000, research from the National Women’s Law Center showed.


FDA Won't Enforce Trump-Era Restrictions On Dispensing Abortion Pills By Mail

The agency concluded there was no increased risk to allowing patients to access abortion pills through telemedicine or the mail.


Britney Spears Claims She Was “Basically” Sister Jamie Lynn’s Mom

It seems the sisters have a very special relationship.


The FDA May Soon Approve The Pfizer Vaccine For Kids As Young As 12

Pfizer and BioNTech are looking to expand access to their COVID vaccine just in time for summer.

Celeb Moms

Mandy Moore & Taylor Goldsmith Wrote Their Son His Own Lullaby & You Have To Hear It

You’ll be singing this soothing song all day.


Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Have Had Police Called To Their Home 9 Times

News of calls comes shortly after the couple told Oprah they feared for their safety after the royal family pulled their security detail.


Defective Birth Control Leads To 170 Pregnancies In Chile, Called 'Systemic Failure'

At least 170 women have become pregnant while regularly taking a defective oral contraceptive Chile's public health authority had allegedly failed to fully recall.

Empowering Girls

Exclusive: American Girl Teamed Up With 3 Teen Activists To Raise Awareness About The Climate Crisis

Meet three young female leaders speaking up on climate solutions & inspiring others to do the same.


12 Of Meghan Markle's Most Revealing Quotes About The Royal Family

From who made her cry to who she says has always been “wonderful” to her.


Kids May Play “Huge Role” In Spreading New COVID Variant, Doctors Warn

Kids can "readily" become infected with and spread the B.1.1.7 COVID variant, experts say.


Olympic Soccer Star Sydney Leroux Opens Up About Her Kids’ Scary COVID Battle

“For the longest time, we’ve heard that children aren’t badly affected by COVID and, maybe, for the most part, that is the case,” she explained. “For us - it wasn’t.”


“Our Greatest Joy:” Henry Golding & Liv Lo Welcome Their First Child Together

The actor celebrated his wife’s strength when sharing news of the birth over Instagram.


New Study Suggests Chemical In Nail Polish May Contribute To Postpartum Depression

Exposure to chemicals used in plastics and some beauty products was found to be associated with higher risks of postpartum depression.


Parents Sue Texas School District After Telling Kids To Keep Wearing Masks

The lawsuit alleges it’s “unconstitutional” for the school to require children to wear masks eight hours a day.