Phaea Crede

Phaea is a Boston-based writer and mother of two. She's written scripts for shows like "Nature Cat" and "Word Girl", and thinks parenting is hilarious.
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Co-Sleeping Can Make Moms Depressed, & No It's Not To Do With A Lack Of Sleep

To co-sleep or not to co-sleep; that is the question. Some parents love it, some parents hate it, some parents do it because it’s literally the only way to get their infant to sleep for two hours in a row (I’m looking at you, baby Mabel.) Most co-sle…
By Phaea Crede

The Book That Cured Me & My Son Of Our Perfectionism

Reading a book 200 times is a surefire way to find out whether you love it or want to throw its rhyming llama couplets into the diaper pail. Children's books especially do a tricky dance for an audience of squinty-eyed parents and wide-eyed tots: the…
By Phaea Crede

No One Prepared Me For My First Post-Baby Period

Well, it’s finally happened. The day I was dreading arrived. After two years, 11 months and three days; after pregnancy, breastfeeding and extended breastfeeding, the day of reckoning was upon me: I got my first post-baby period. Yes, I was without i…
By Phaea Crede

23 Breastfeeding Injuries That Every Nursing Mom Recognizes

There is nothing as elemental as holding your sweet baby in your arms while they gaze trustingly up at you. Then there are the moments when they bite your nipple, pinch your arm, and attempt to pry open your mouth with their hands, before barrel-roll…
By Phaea Crede

I Feel Guilty About Extended Breastfeeding, But Not For The Reason You Think

Breastfeeding my son Harvey until he was almost 3 years old wasn't a conscious decision. It was more like a happy accident. We both loved having bonding and cuddling time, especially after I returned to work. The fact that my breast milk also provide…
By Phaea Crede

My Husband Is The Best Stay-at-Home Mom Ever

The happiest time of my life was the two years I spent as a stay-at-home mom. I was my son Harvey's primary caregiver from the day he was born to age 2. I put him down for naps and read him his first books. I nursed him through colds and teething pai…
By Phaea Crede

Breastfeeding Was So Hard For Me At First

Let me just start off by saying, I am really into breastfeeding. I’m a breastsleeper, an extended breastfeeder, and a public breastfeeder – breastfeeding cover not required. I still pump at work two times a day so my 17 month old can have all the bre…
By Phaea Crede

Co-Sleeping Is Killing My Body, But I Love It

My lower back burns. My shoulders are rocks. My spine is a rod of pain. My hips feel “tight,” but “tight” doesn’t even begin to describe how they actually feel — “twisted rods of pain” is more accurate. If a normal person woke up feeling this way, th…
By Phaea Crede

Actually, I'm Not Buying My Kid A Hatchimal This Year, & Here's Why

Remember Cabbage Patch Kids? Back in the early 1980s, our parents completely lost their minds trying to buy one of these ugly, misshapen dolls for Christmas for fear of disappointing us, their ungrateful offspring. It was an embarrassment. And did co…
By Phaea Crede