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I Hated Being Pregnant, But I Can't Wait To Do It Again

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I was elated. I was excited to experience all that came with growing another human being inside of my body – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and feeling the beauty and magic that comes with…
By Rebekah Collins

The One Thing I Want To Thank Kim Kardashian West For As A New Mom

I was six weeks pregnant and hunched over the toilet, puking for the third time in the past two hours, mentally crossing Cheerios and jelly toast off of my list of foods that would I could keep down. It was the third day in a row (of about 150 more)…
By Rebekah Collins

I Had Postpartum Anxiety, & This Is What I Wish I'd Known

I stood in the kitchen crying while making a bottle. I sat on the couch crying while feeding my daughter. I laid next to my sleeping baby, singing to her, and crying. On a weekly basis, alone in my apartment, crying was par for the course, which is…
By Rebekah Collins

I Had Preeclampsia, & This Is What It Was Like

There were lots of uncomfortable and unusual occurrences I expected when I was expecting, among them were an aching back, being poked and prodded by doctors and nurses, and the overall experience of birthing a person from my body. Pregnancy is full…
By Rebekah Collins

The One True Thing People Don’t Get About Working Moms

Over the weekend, I read an article shared by friends and friends of friends on Facebook. I read about a woman who left her son at daycare and returned to find him dead just two hours later. As I read through the comments on Facebook, Twitter, and…
By Rebekah Collins

My Baby Hates Breastfeeding, & I Really Can’t Blame Her Because I Don’t Love It Either

When I was pregnant, I’d occasionally be asked whether or not I planned to breastfeed. Personally, I thought it was  a strange thing to small-talk over, but hey, mom stuff is inherently personal and completely out in the open for public discussion,…
By Rebekah Collins