Thoughtful Gifts For Every Little One On Your List

By Isabella Biedenharn

The holidays are here, which means list-making, calendar countdowns, and of course: Shopping! And is it just us, or can shopping for little ones be so much more fun than shopping for adults? To help ease the stress of gifting — Did you forget someone? Does she already have this toy? Is this outfit cute? — we’ve put together this handy guide of thoughtful gifts for every kid on your list.

Among the products below, you’ll find kid-friendly trends like animal-inspired details, rainbow stripes, and fun sneakers. (Hint, hint to all the folks who have you on their list: How about that cable-knit hat with the soft, furry pom-pom on top?) We’ve also paired parent-approved clothing with kid-approved treats — mom can gush over the sight of her little one in overalls like she’s an artist in a SoHo loft, and that little artist can start her masterpiece right away with her new set of Do-a-Dot markers.

Read on to find the perfect gift for every cutie you’re shopping for this year.

Campaign imagery courtesy of GAP.