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Is Maya Rudolph Lip-Syncing In 'A Christmas Story Live!'?

A Christmas Story graces cable-having households every year for a 24-hour marathon on one of TBS's networks, which always airs the holiday classic on loop for an entire day over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. FOX is reviving the 2013 musical…
By Mariella Mosthof

15 Low-Key Genius Gifts For Dads That Make Moms' Lives Easier

'Tis the season for gift giving, and most of us are well on our way to checking off most of the people on our lists. If you're just starting your shopping or nearing the finish line, we've got a whole new bunch of gift ideas that are actually going…
By Emily Westbrooks

Brilliant Tips For Building DIY Playsets That’ll Put Your Childhood Forts To Shame

Even if you're not a self-identifying "crafty person," I think most of us can agree that playing with our kids' toys beats playing grownup any day of the week. This is exactly why we're excited to partner with LEGO Juniors to design three brilliant…
By Allison Berry

23 Celebrity Siblings You Didn’t Know Were Related

Is talent something you're born with? If these famous families are any indication, it looks like stardom is indeed genetic. The celebs you didn't know were siblings might surprise even the most intense IMDB trivia fans. Honestly, it's kind of…
By Lindsay E. Mack

The Ultimate Harry Potter Trivia Game For Wizards Only

Think you know everything about Harry Potter? This quiz puts fans to the test. Accio, answers!
By Samantha Rullo

How To Make Lactation Cookies

When you're struggling with your milk supply, and you want to keep breastfeeding, you're willing to do just about anything to up your production. You're probably even willing to bake, or you will be now that you know about these lactation cookies.…
By Yvette Manes

Should This Person Be In The Delivery Room?

Use this flowchart to find out who should make the guest list for your delivery room, because you're the only VIP! Oh, and your baby, of course...
By Kimmie Fink

How I Made It: Keli of Kaike

This mom started the coolest natural beauty brand from her home. Soak up her advice here, and find out how she made it!
By BDG Video