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15 Of Dax Shepard’s Most Honest Parenting Quotes

The dad of two does not hold back.

by Casey Suglia
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I only have a few rules, and personally for me, I don’t laugh at my kids unless they were legitimately funny. I think it’s because I’m a comedian. I don’t want to mislead them.

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When I look at [my daughter], it’s like when I was in 7th grade and fell in love for the first time, where it’s debilitating. That’s available 24/7 if I want, which is amazing.

“A lot of parents seem hesitant about [their kids going into show business], and I can’t fully understand why — because I’ve had a lot of ‘real’ jobs. By my estimation, this is a very nice job.”

They knew when I relapsed. We explained, ‘Well, Daddy was on these was on these pills for his surgery and then Daddy was a bad boy and he started getting his own pills.’ Yeah, we tell them everything.

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I watch them navigate situations over and over again that they would not do if I was present or if my wife was present. By God, they work s— out.

The idea that something taught to a child by an expert is better than something that a kid just likes to do and practices is false.

“You love them. You try to give them opportunities to build self-esteem and believe in themselves. You can’t tell someone they’re great. You have to give them opportunities to prove to themselves they’re great.”

I selfishly and egomaniacally looked forward to raising children because I wanted to give them the tools that I felt like I needed as a kid.

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I had to tell my daughters, ‘you cannot tell anyone in this thing that your mom is Princess Anna.’

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“I am anti having sex to get someone to like you or to gain status in a social circle, but if my daughters are horny and they have decided they want to have sex, I am very pro sex.”

We don’t do any white lying for better or for worse. If they want the truth, they get the truth.

They know how babies are made, they know that Santa Claus is us, they know that a giant rabbit doesn’t break into the house and leave them chocolate in April every year.

“You know, generally, kids see their parents get in a fight and then parents sort it out in a bedroom and then later they’re fine, so the kid never learns, how do you de-escalate? How do you apologize?”

There’s something about making someone else your priority that results in a good deal of self-esteem, or shame, conversely, if you’re screwing the pooch on it. I feel like I’m a great dad and that gives me an incredible amount of self-esteem.


I don’t mind if they’re mad at me. I know they’ll feel differently in three hours.

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