Aug. 2. 2021


A Family Guide To Enjoying The Olympics

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Kids' Entertainment

40 Kid-Friendly Shows On HBO Max Your Family Will Love

by Casey Suglia

From artsy original shows to classic cartoons, there is something on HBO Max for every kid.

Pandemic Parenting

The Second Snake

by Lizzie Simon

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World Breastfeeding Week

10 Miraculous Things That Your Breast Milk Can Do

by Ashley Jones

It’s called liquid gold for good reason.


Here’s Why Your Kid Becomes A Total Snot Hydrant After Starting Day Care

by Angelique Serrano

And when you need to worry about it.

Movies & TV Shows

18 Magical Shows & Movies About Unicorns

by Jessica Booth

Because your kid can’t get enough of those magical, horned creatures.


40 Quotes For National Sisters Day To Give You All The Feels

by Shana Aborn and Ashley Jones

Because nobody loves you like your sister loves you.


10 Funny Sister Memes For National Sisters Day

by Lindsay E. Mack

Because nobody gets you like your sister.

Kids' Entertainment

25 Of The Best Dog Movies & Shows For Kids To Watch

by Jamie Kenney

Warning: If your kid is already bugging you for a puppy, this will only make matters worse.


34 Picture Books That Will Teach Your Kid To Love The World They Inhabit

by Olivia Hinebaugh

With beautiful illustrations and lovely lessons, they’ll want to be a part of their world even more with these sweet books.


Here's Why Postpartum Dry Skin Happens & What You Can Do

by Grace Gallagher

The last thing you need to deal with right now is itchy skin.

Tokyo Olympics

10 Sweet Photos Of Simone Biles With Her Parents & Siblings

by Alexia McKay

From the Olympics to Super Bowl tailgate parties, Simone Biles’ family is close-knit and cherishes each moment together.

Big Kid

Why Your Big Kid Is Suddenly Talking Like A Baby

by Tiffany Eve Lawrence

“Baby talk when a child is older may not be caused by regression, but maybe an attempt for attention,” experts say.