Jan. 26. 2021

The Shopping List

Valentine's Day

23 Unique, Practical, & Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts For Guys

by Jennifer Parris

These thoughtful (and useful) gifts are a home run.


Dwayne Johnson Put On His Hairstylist Cap & Untangled His 2-Year-Old's Hair

by Alexia McKay

"I may be bald but I know a thing or two about hair."


Vice President Kamala Harris Recorded An Inspiring Video Message For A Little Girl

by Alexia McKay

"I love our young leaders, so you keep doing what you’re doing."


Did You Notice Dr. Jill Biden's Beautiful Necklace That Says “Mama”?

by Morgan Brinlee

The first lady is already giving fashion fanatics something to talk about.


What A Clogged Milk Duct Actually Feels Like

by Abi Berwager Schreier

Also, did you know these hard little lumps can go all the way up to your armpit?


School Board Members Face Criticism For Refusing To Wear Masks To Honor Teacher Who Died Of COVID-19

by Morgan Brinlee

Members of the Cobb County School Board were specifically asked to wear face masks to honor a teacher — at least two quietly refused.


Kate Hudson Got Candid About Not Knowing Her Dad When She Was Growing Up

by Jamie Kenney

"It's a 41-year-old issue."


Kate Middleton’s Most Down-To-Earth Quotes On Motherhood

by Morgan Brinlee

The mother of three has gotten surprisingly candid over the years.


Yeah, We Gotta Talk About "Exploding Head Syndrome" During Pregnancy

by Jessica Booth

But don't panic, it's not an actual explosion.


Prince William & Kate Middleton Got A New Family Dog

by Casey Suglia

And the reason why may make you a little emotional.

Screen Time

Here's Why Your Kid Will Literally Not Stop Talking About Roblox

by Ashley Jones

The popular building game has become a staple for kids, thanks in part to its creative setup.


13 Comfy Postpartum Underwear Options To Help You Recover After A C-Section

by Jennifer Parris

Because it's possible to protect your incision and still stay stylish.