All I Really Need To Know About Parenting I Learned From Horror Movies

by Halle Kiefer

Such as, for instance, don't make a deal with the devil to get a baby


Channing Tatum Wrote A Children’s Book About A Dad Who Wears A Tutu

by Meaghan O'Connell

The Magic Mike star on his new book, his relationship with his daughter, and playing outside in a barn for exactly 40 minutes.


Lately Kids Have Had A Serious PR Problem

by Emma Rosenblum

It seems many of us have internalized the message that it’s at best, kind of lame, and at worst, antifeminist, to be sentimental or gushy about our brood. I certainly have.


Okay I May Have Accidentally Raised Mansplainers

by Jen McGuire

When my son was 2 years old, his favorite word was “actually.”

Sex & Relationships

The Nonmonogamous Moms Next Door

by Margaret Wheeler Johnson

Ten months after her husband died, Rebecca Woolf posted on Instagram that she was in a new relationship.


I Hope The Meaning Of My Daughter’s Name Will Guide Her Life, As Mine Ultimately Did

by Kavita Das

From mothers to daughters, our names tie us to our culture.


My Best Mom Friend Is A Dad

by Lynn Steger Strong

I joke sometimes that R is my best mom friend, except, honestly, I mean it.

Our Moms

Here’s To The Shoulder-Pad Moms

by Diana Weisman

Nerves of steel in pillowy-packaging.


We Should Really Stop Using The Phrase "Put Up For Adoption"

by Chris Phillips

On Birth Mother's Day, a dad through adoption explains the history of the phrase


My Mom Friends Saved Me From The Hole Of Postpartum Despair

by Amil Niazi

Having babies at the same time fast-tracked us from acquaintances to close friends


An Ode To The Mom Friends Who Aren't Moms

by April Daniels Hussar

I know I wouldn’t be the mom I am today without my friendship with these women.


That Time I Met A Boy — And Became Best Friends With His Mother

by Joanna Hershon

Jonathan told me I reminded him of his mother. Turns out, she and I were meant to be — we’ve been friends ever since.