You're Doing Great

How To Stop Blaming Yourself When Trying To Conceive Isn’t Working

by Katie McPherson

This whole thing is hard enough as it is.

Show Your Support

What To Text A Friend Who Is Freezing Their Eggs

by Katie McPherson

They might be feeling a lot of emotions (and discomfort) right now.

Mental Health

Can Ovulation Make You Feel Depressed?

by Steph Montgomery

You deserve to feel better.

Mental Health

Anxiety During Ovulation Is Common. Here’s Why

by Katie Goldin

You can blame your hormones for this, too.


I Finally Got My IVF Baby, So What Right Did I Have To Be Depressed?

by Purnima Mani

There was that stubborn voice in my head that said I had no reason to be unhappy now that I got what I wanted.

Kind Of A Big Deal

Would You Have An Egg Shower? It’s Time We Celebrate Friends Who Freeze Their Eggs

by Katie McPherson

It’s a major milestone.


Can Artificial Intelligence Make IVF Less Miserable?

by Gillian Telling

AI won’t cure infertility, but it might help you plan better.


Can You Take Ozempic While Pregnant Or TTC? Experts Caution Against It

by Katie McPherson

Whether you’re using it for on- or off-label reasons.


Noticing Period Changes After Trying To Conceive? Experts Explain

by Ojus Patel and Abi Berwager Schreier

Try not to stress.


Does Ovulation Make Your Back Hurt? A Doctor Explains

by Cat Bowen

It’s completely possible. Here’s why.


Here’s What Happens If You Leave A Pregnancy Test Too Long

by Jennifer Parris

For best results, use as directed.

Sex & Relationships

Yes, You Can Get Pregnant By Being Fingered, But There's A Lot To Consider

by Abi Berwager Schreier

It’s not super likely, though.


My Fertility Journey Began In A Cold Doctor’s Office, But It Was Also Weirdly Romantic

by Samantha Mann

At first, knowing that Alissa and I could never conceive naturally felt like another queer heartbreak.

Birth Control

An OB Explains How Long It Takes For Birth Control To Leave Your Body

by Lindsay E. Mack

It depends on a few factors.

Trying To Conceive

How Can I Get Pregnant If My Husband Has Erectile Dysfunction?

by Tiffany Eve Lawrence

Two fertility experts weigh in with what you need to know.

Trying To Conceive

Here’s How To Combat Performance Anxiety When Trying To Conceive

by Caroline Shannon-Karasik

It happens to lots of couples.