Big Kid

The Life Changing Art of Teaching Your Child Happiness

by The Editors of Fatherly

Excerpt from new 'Fatherhood' book


"The Courage Is In Trying:" Elizabeth Warren On What Makes Her Deeply Hopeful For Our Kids' World

by April Daniels Hussar

The Senator’s new children's book, Pinkie Promises, celebrates the win that comes from the attempt.


How Close Are We To A COVID-19 Vaccine For Children?

by Ashley Jones and Katie McPherson

We get to the bottom of every question you have about kids and teens getting the COVID-19 vaccine.


Little Girls Can Tell When You Underestimate Them... & They Don't Like It

by Jamie Kenney

New research from Girls Leadership shows that when it comes to encouraging grade school girls, words matter.


Can My Non-Asian Child Dress Up As Shang-Chi For Halloween?

by Michelle Yang

The film has enough pop culture clout to make social change, uplifting audiences of all ages who have longed to be seen.


28 Disney Store Halloween Costumes That Are Simply Magical

by Ashley Jones

Check out these Marvel, Star Wars, and classic Disney costumes for the whole family.


How To Ask Grandparents To Get More Involved With Your Child

by Katie McPherson

If your parents aren't diving right into their grandparent role, how can you talk to them about spending more time with your kiddos?


8 Kid-Friendly Ghost Stories For Littles Ones

by Alice Emory

Tales designed to incite a wee fright, but not a full-on freak-out.

Children's Books

19 Children’s Books About Cats To Read With Your Kitten-Loving Kid

by Katie McPherson

Because The Cat in the Hat just isn’t cutting it anymore.


12 Kid-Friendly Soup Recipes To Make & Enjoy

by Ashley Jones

Serve up spoonfuls of comfort for the whole family.


18 Slightly Creepy, But Mainly Cute, Halloween Riddles For Kids

by Alice Emory

Fun brainteasers for kids to giggle over while chomping on bite-size Butterfingers.


15 Toy Story Costumes Your Kids Can Show Off This Halloween

by Tiffany Eve Lawrence

We all love Toy Story. Can the adults dress up too?

Great Advice

An Open Letter To Kids Struggling With Friendships, With Love From Allyson Felix

by Allyson Felix

"Although I didn’t experience a pandemic when I was young, I can still relate to feeling nervous at recess or undecided on who to sit with at lunch."


16 Warm Halloween Costumes For Kids, Toddlers, & Babies

by Katie McPherson

Costumes that look cool, but keep them warm.

Raising Anti-Racist Kids

Critical Race Theory & How To Advocate For The Type Of Education Your Kids Need

by Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs

We have our work cut out for us.


When Can Children Get A Covid-19 Vaccine?

by Angelique Serrano

Updates show that a Covid-19 vaccine for kids under 12 is a reality, with good news anticipated to arrive in the coming weeks.