Pass The Rice & Beans

11 Cinco De Mayo Recipes Your Kids Will *Love*

Mangonada, anyone?

I love a holiday, and I especially love one that has very specific food themed to it. Like Cinco de Mayo. The holiday is a celebration of Mexico’s victory over the Second French Empire in 1862, and it’s loaded up with parades, battle reenactments, and more in Mexico. There are still plenty of celebrations across America though, and Cinco de Mayo is a great way to support the Mexican community in your area, go to your favorite local Mexican restaurant, and whip up some Cinco de Mayo recipes with your kids.

Because, of course, there are tons of options out there. While some might be a little more time consuming than others, plenty of traditional Mexican dishes are simple and easy while still packed with flavor. And nearly everything on this list of Cinco de Mayo recipes can be customized for your family, whether they like things extra spicy or a little less heat. So pick a few favorites to try, and have yourself a little Cinco de Mayo feast with your family. Chances are, your kids have tried a few of these recipes already, whether from your local Mexican restaurant or your own kitchen. But if they’re up for trying something new, let them pick their own Cinco de Mayo recipe from the list.


Cheesy Ground Beef Quesadillas

Quesadillas are a Mexican classic and are wildly customizable, but for kids who may not appreciate shrimp, steak, or even veggies in their quesadilla, try this recipe for a cheesy ground beef version instead. Super easy and budget-friendly to put together, and you can put out plenty of dipping bowls with sour cream, salsa, cheese dip, and more.


Mexican Street Corn Nachos

Mexican street corn is one of my all-time favorites, and I love the idea of turning that side dish into a full entree with this Mexican street corn nachos recipe from Damn Delicious. Set it out as a free-for-all during a movie night or make each person their own individual plate.


Mexican Rice

My favorite thing about taking babies out to eat at Mexican restaurants was that you could just give them your side of rice and they’d be so happy. Bring some of that energy to your Cinco de Mayo dinner plans with this Mexican rice recipe from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. It’s so easy to put together and packed with flavor. Any leftovers you could use for burritos, nachos, or just as an extra side dish.


Mexican Mangonada

The ultimate treat, this recipe for Mexican Mangonada includes an option for alcohol, but can obviously be made without it for the kiddos. Also known as Chamoy and Chamango, this incredibly refreshing, sweet, and delicious treat is a must anytime you visit Mexico, and will be (nearly) as good in your own kitchen.


Chicken Enchiladas Verde

Enchiladas are one of my favorite Mexican dishes to make because everything comes together so nicely in one big pan. Getting it all to that point takes some work, but this recipe for chicken enchiladas verde is totally worth it. Again, you might have to tweak some of the spices for your own family, but it’s easy to get it just right so your little ones come back for seconds.


Sopa Tarasca

Is there anything as beautiful as a creamy soup with fluffy fritters or dumplings or something on top? From Pinch of Yum, this Mexican pinto bean soup — sopa tarasca — has a bit of a kick to it that you can customize for your family, and also includes a recipe for jalapeño corn fritters on top which are just perfection.


Bean & Cheese Burritos

An absolute classic dish is a bean and cheese burrito, and pretty much every kid loves them. While burritos have a tricky history (the burrito most Americans know and love is not exactly found in Mexico), I think this recipe is a great one to try out as you celebrate Cinco de Mayo.


Chicken Tostada Stack

Tostadas are crispy, packed with toppings, and so much fun to dive into. This recipe for a chicken tostada snack pulls a bunch of your kid’s favorite things like chicken and cheese into a nice, crispy dish. Feel free to customize for your family.


Classic Guacamole

There are few things better than a classic guacamole, and this recipe will make your house feel like an actual Mexican restaurant. Nothing fancy, no frills — all you need is a bag of chips for the magic to happen.


Breakfast Chilaquiles

Start Cinco de Mayo off early with this recipe for breakfast chilaquiles. Like so many recipes on this list, you can customize to get it just right for your family’s likes and dislikes, but it’s super easy to throw together and such a fun, flavorful breakfast.



Tamales are such a fun, traditional dish to make, and this recipe gives you the chance to really feel like a chef. They do take quite some time to make and will require a special grocery trip, but it will be totally worth it when you and your kids bite into them.

Don’t forget to whip up a few margaritas for the adults at dinner! And bring your kids along for all the fun of making these Cinco de Mayo recipes.