Samantha Darby

Samantha started as a lifestyle writer for Romper in 2015 before the site officially launched, and became lifestyle editor in 2017. She covers anything and everything related to parenting and motherhood, including (but not limited to!) TTC, pregnancy, babies, toddlers, raising children, sex and relationships, mental health, books, holiday content, and the best pool floats of the summer. Before working for Romper, Samantha wrote for Babble, Work It, Mom!, The Huffington Post, Motherlode, Barnes & Noble Kids, and HelloGiggles. She lives in the suburbs of Atlanta with her husband Nick, 6-year-old Alice, and 2-year-old Lucy. You can find Samantha and the girls making a mess on Romper's A for Effort Instagram craft series.
Samantha Darby

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