Samantha Darby

Samantha has been the Lifestyle Editor at Romper since 2017 after writing for the site since its literal birth in 2015. She covers anything and everything related to parenting and motherhood, including (but not limited to!) TTC, pregnancy, raising babies and toddlers (and eventually kids *gulp*), sex and relationships, mental health, books, holiday content, and the best pool floats of the summer. Basically, she's there for you, babe. (And yes, your baby will eventually sleep. We've talked to experts.) Before working for Romper, Samantha wrote for Babble, Work It, Mom!, The Huffington Post, Motherlode, Barnes & Noble Kids, HelloGiggles, and other secret corners of the internet. (Please don't go looking for her Livejournals.) She was also once a professional actress and starred in Atlanta's premier sketch comedy group Sketchworks, performed stand-up comedy, and worked with Rosie O'Donnell on an episode of 'Drop Dead Diva.' Based out of Georgia, Samantha works from home with her two little sidekicks: 5-year-old Alice and baby Lucy. The three of them create a weekly episode of their Romper Instagram series A for Effort, where they attempt to make Pinterest-worthy crafts. It almost never goes as planned. You can reach Samantha at or follow along on the adventures of raising two little girls (with the help of Super Husband Nick) on Instagram at @samanthadsingleton.