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These Jokes About Tests Will Lighten Up Your Nervous Kiddo

Slip one into their lunch box or write it on a napkin with breakfast.

During a recent week of standardized testing, my daughter’s elementary school sent home a blank sheet of notecards so we could write her a note for each day, and they would deliver it to her right before she started her test. It’s the sweetest idea, but I wanted to expand beyond “We love you and are proud of you!” and “Take your time, you got this!” messages, so I started looking for some jokes about tests to perk up her nerves. Standardized testing is one of those things every parent knows is stressful to their kid, so sending them a funny little joke about school tests and exams is guaranteed to give them a smile.

Even if your child isn’t taking a standardized test, these test jokes are perfect for writing on a lunch box note to give them a smile during the school day. And in case you thought this was high-brow humor, please know everyone of these test jokes is extremely corny. Kindergartners will laugh while high school seniors will roll their eyes — and smile. The point isn’t to be super tricky, it’s just to make something that can feel a little scary and anxiety-inducing — like a pop quiz or a big state test — feel a little less overwhelming. Hopefully these jokes about tests and exams will take some of the stress off your kiddo.

Jokes for Kids About Tests & Exams

  • Why did the teacher jump into the pool? He wanted to test the water.
  • What test do skunks always ace at school? The smelling test.
  • Why did the firefly worry about failing the test? He wasn’t sure he was bright enough.
  • What exams do vampire teachers give? A blood test.
  • Why did the student only answer questions 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 on the test? Because they literally can’t even.
  • Why didn’t the football player do well on his exam? He didn’t pass.
  • What animal does well on tests, but never studies? A cheetah.
  • Did the firework fail his test? No, he passed with flying colors.
  • What kind of test did the cosmetology student have to retake? A makeup makeup test.
  • Why was the man upset he failed his psychic test? Because he didn’t see that one coming.
  • How did the pilot pass his test without studying? He winged it.
  • Why was your stomach so upset before the test? It was a little quizzy.
  • How do carpenters get certified? They take a board exam.
  • Did you hear about the skeleton test? No body won.
  • Why did the artist cheat on his exam? He was sketchy.
  • What happened when the strawberry didn’t study for its test? It found itself in a jam.

See, I told you they were corny. And they’re the perfect amount of levity for test day.