Mental Health
Mental Health

You’re Not A Bad Mom If You Have Intrusive Thoughts

by Miranda Rake

Intrusive thoughts are an extremely common postpartum experience. Let’s talk about them.


Surgeon General Warns Social Media Can Have “Profound Risk Of Harm” To Kids’ Mental Health

by Jen McGuire

“We are in the middle of a national youth mental health crisis, and I am concerned that social media is an important driver of that crisis — one that we must urgently address.”


There’s A Reason Your Postpartum Anxiety Went Undiagnosed

by Miranda Rake

It’s very hard to ask for help when you don’t know what to call the thing you need help with.

You're Doing Great

How To Stop Blaming Yourself When Trying To Conceive Isn’t Working

by Katie McPherson

This whole thing is hard enough as it is.


Should I Let My Anxious Kid Opt Out Of Standardized Tests?

by Sarah Wheeler

All parents find themselves faced with some flavor of your dilemma at some point in time, which essentially boils down to, “do I make my kid do the thing?”


Does Prenatal Depression Affect Your Baby?

by Sarah Jaffe

What to know about this often-overlooked mental health condition.


Yes, ‘Baby Blues’ Can Be Worse At Night

by Kelly Mullen-McWilliams

And if ‘baby blues’ veers into postpartum anxiety, here’s how to get help.

Mental Health

These 18 Children’s Books Will Help You Talk About Depression

by Lindsay E. Mack

Because it’s a hard thing to talk about.


How To Stop Worrying About Miscarriage

by Ashley Jones

And how to find help if the anxiety becomes overwhelming.

Mental Health

Can Ovulation Make You Feel Depressed?

by Steph Montgomery

You deserve to feel better.


Could Increased Anxiety Mean You'll Go Into Labor Soon? Experts Explain

by Jamie Kenney

It’s normal to be a little nervous. But seek help if your anxiety is severe.


These 5 Yoga Poses Can Help Kids (& You) Reduce Anxiety & Calm Down

by Jamie Kenney

Little kids can have big feelings: these asanas can help.


I Thought Constant Anxiety Was The Price You Pay For Being A Mom

by Ingrid Chen McCarthy

I kicked myself for not starting meds sooner, but even decades of therapy couldn’t fully undo the stigma I grew up with.


We Live In The World Heather Armstrong Made

by Elizabeth Angell

Anyone who writes about parenting today does.

Mental Health

Anxiety During Ovulation Is Common. Here’s Why

by Katie Goldin

You can blame your hormones for this, too.


9 Things To Know If You’re Feeling ‘Touched Out’

by Britni de la Cretaz and Claire Fox

It’s so normal and it’ll pass. Here’s what you can do to feel better in the meantime.