SpongeBob SquarePants' Pineapple Home Under The Sea

How Much Your Favorite Animated Home Would Cost IRL

You could easily afford that iconic pineapple under the sea.

by Anna Traver


Have you ever wondered how much it’d cost to buy SpongeBob’s pineapple? Thanks to a study from Hovia that looked at housing information and factors from Zillow, we can tell you just how much your favorite animated TV home would set you back in today’s world.

The Simpsons’ House

This four-bedroom home located at 742 Evergreen Terrace would cost $458,730 today. It is located in Springfield, Oregon, just a couple hours outside of Portland.

The Family Guy House

The Griffins’ four-bedroom home from Family Guy would cost an estimated $357,958. It’s located in Rhode Island, in the made-up city of Quahog.

Stan’s South Park House

Your dream is to live in Colorado? Well, if you wanted to live in Stan Marsh’s home in the fictional town of South Park, you’re looking at a hefty price of $741,919, drastically higher than the two previous homes we’ve explored.
South Park Clips/YouTube

The Rugrats House

The four-bedroom home with a garage from Rugrats located in Los Angeles would cost $668,851. This is a decent price for an LA home of that size, especially with a garage.

SpongeBob’s House

The most famous underwater pineapple: 124 Conch Street, Bikini Bottom, also known as the home of SpongeBob SquarePants. A pineapple large enough to serve as a home would cost an estimated price of $55, so if you’re looking for something on a budget...

McDuck Manor’s Mansion

What’s one of the most expensive animated TV homes you may ask? McDuck Manor from DuckTales, costing $25 million.

The Bob’s Burgers Apartment

Dreaming of a seaside apartment above the shop from Bob’s Burgers? The price is on the higher end of this list, costing $705,809, which isn’t surprising for a home on the coast.

The King of the Hill House

The three-bedroom home from King of the Hill located on 84 Rainey St. in Arlen, Texas would cost $382,781. The city of Arlen is said to be based on Richardson, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, which creator Mike Judge told The New York Times.

Phineas and Ferb’s House

Phineas and Ferb didn’t spend much time in their three-bedroom home while they were adventuring all summer, but it would cost an estimated $152,000. This price is pretty standard for a family home in the suburbs.
Stanley Burkholder/YouTube

Arthur’s House

526 Main St., Elwood City, also known as the home of the Read Family from Arthur, would cost $141,863. The house consists of three bedrooms.

The Flintstones’ House

Thinking of going the antique route and living in a home made of granite and limestone? 345 Cave Stone Road from The Flintstones would cost $300,000 because of the materials it is made from.
Andrii Aleksandruk/YouTube

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