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15 Of Kristen Bell’s Best Motherhood Quotes

The actress, who shares daughters Delta and Lincoln with husband Dax Shepard, has shared several words of wisdom on this whole parenting thing.

My wish is that my kids are able to discern between what’s disposable in life and what’s not. Material items can go, but acts of kindness, love, and giving must stay.

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I don’t want my kids to be restricted by country lines, religious beliefs, or languages. I want them to see the whole of mankind: it makes everything less scary, more accessible.

Our kids are a nightmare. They’re a nightmare because they will tell you your opinion. We’re constantly joking about the fact that we’re raising two girls that — they’re going to be a nightmare for 18 years.

Guess I should be grateful my kid can speak her mind!

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I chose to be quoted, I chose to have my picture taken. I don’t know them yet. I don’t know if they will want that. So I really don’t have the right to choose for them.

“At 5 years old our daughter came in and said, ‘How are babies made?’ Dax sat down and said, ‘Well there’s a sperm and an ovum,’ and she said, ‘All right, I’m going back outside.’”

It’s truly like having two parakeets stapled to your shoulder all afternoon, where they’re just talking so much.

You’ve just got to nurture these little ones until they’re out of the house. That’s really the only piece of advice. Make sure they’re alive until they’re out of the house.

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I have two very different children. One got potty-trained really early. One got potty-trained much later. Both of them are going to, I assume, graduate high school and be able to function in the world and that will never be an issue.

“I’m different from the person sitting next to me, and our children have the same differences, right? I just don’t buy this idea that someone is allowed to shame you.”

I’m not a good mom; I’m not a bad mom. I’m the mom I am and I try very hard, and when I fail, that’s OK.

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Nothing good comes out of my negativity. If that means leaving the room when your kids are driving you nuts, great! Then do it.

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Balancing work and parenting and online learning during the pandemic, and especially supporting mental health, it was really hard.

I try not to interact with my kids too much before I drink my matcha because I need to be caffeinated to be nice to anyone

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