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10 Of Melissa McCarthy’s Best Quotes About Being A Mom

She’s raising some really funny daughters.

They’re further along in their young lives than I was. I feel like I had to push almost 30 to get their kind of confidence, so I love seeing that.

They’re really smart, funny, weird. I think they’re better [than me].

My oldest has a really good head on her shoulders, but kids that age are always thinking, ‘Does someone think I look silly?’ I tell them it’s all silly and we’re all idiots.

It’s OK that everybody’s different. You’re also not supposed to be the same. I always say, if we were all the same to my girls, we would all be robots.

I tell my kids all the time, like, you are the one that determines your self-worth. Not what other people think of you.

I love to see my two girls just truly say, ‘I know who I am and I know what I like and what I don’t like.’ And they’re kind, so to have all of that come together is lovely.

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I will embarrass my kids to their core. I will threaten to show up in hot pants and a tube top. Their dad will drive me. And he’ll let me and my friend Lisa get pretty drunk in the backseat and we will come into that party and just rip it up.

It’s the same thing I tell my girls, ‘If somebody is being mean, they’re probably really not happy.’ If you’re having a great day, you don’t walk past someone and yell ‘Freak!’ If you’re happy you say, ‘I love your skirt!’

Kids are really smart. They pick up on everything and then you still have to not laugh in front of them as you tell them that somethings not appropriate, or something might be too aggressive.

The bigger they get, the weirder and the funnier and their true personalities come out. And they just surprise me every day. There’s nothing quite like it.