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'Boss Baby: Back In The Crib' is one of many shows and movies for kids coming to Netflix in May 2022...

All The Fun Stuff For Kids & Families Coming To Netflix In May 2022

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From new shows to our favorite Millennial childhood throwbacks, to updated versions of Millennial throwbacks, there’s a lot of new content coming to Netflix this May for kids and families. Check it out!

Blippi Wonders, Season 1: May 1

In this animated series featuring your kids’ favorite YouTube celebrity, Blippi, Catbot, and Tabbs set off on new adventures to find the answers to their biggest questions.

3 Ninjas Kick Back: May 1

In this classic ‘90s sequel, ninja brothers Rocky, Colt, and Tum-Tum seek a legendary dagger in their grandfather’s native Japan, but find they must face off against Grandpa’s old enemies...

Octonauts: Above and Beyond, Season 2: May 2

In this spin-off series, the intrepid Octo-Agents have been equipped with a new fleet of land-based Terra Gups, which means they can help all living creatures whether in the sea or on land, exploring new environments and making new friends along the way.


Wild Babies: May 5

Everyone knows the best part of nature documentaries is the baby animals, and this one cuts right to the chase! Follow the adventures of animal babies — from penguins to pangolins — as they learn to navigate life in the wild!


Marmaduke: May 6

Messy and mischievous, the only thing bigger than Marmaduke’s heart is all the trouble he gets into. Deep down, of course, he’s a good boy... but is he good enough to make it in the swanky world of dog shows...?


MaveriX: May 12

In the competitive world of motocross, a ragtag group of teens form an intensive training school, called MaveriX, in an attempt to bring out the best in themselves — & each other — and beat their rivals.

PJ Masks, Season 4: May 15

Amaya, Greg, and Connor may seem like ordinary kids, but at night, they become Owlette, Cat Boy, and Gecko, who work together to fight crime after bedtime! It’s the perfect superhero show for kids not quite ready for Marvel and DC just yet...


Boss Baby: Back In The Crib: May 19

After being framed for embezzlement, Ted must dust off his Boss Baby persona and help his niece (and fellow Baby Corp employee) Tina lead a new team to increase the world’s love of babies as they face off against the Uncuddleables.


Sea of Love: May 23

Sea animal friends Bruda, Bobbi, Wayu, and Puri go on small (but exciting) adventures in the ocean and discover that even the small adventures of everyday moments are full of magic, wonder, and potential.


My Little Pony: Make Your Mark: May 26

The ponies of Equestria are back for a new adventure. When Zipp discovers that the power of the magic crystals are fading, she goes on a mission to figure out why with friends Sunny, Izzy, Pipp, and Hitch.

Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series Part 3: May 26

You’d think, after almost 25 seasons, Ash would have caught all the Pokémon by now. He hasn’t. In this series, he and his friend Goh are off catching and battling Pokémon from Kanto to Galar! But they might also meet new friends — and old rivals — as the journey continues...

Mighty Little Bheem: I Love Taj Mahal: May 30

Bheem is off from his rural farming village to the beautiful Taj Mahal! But when he gets distracted trying to return a little girl's lost teddy bear before someone steals it, things get pretty wacky!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Season 1: May 31

The series that started the TMNT craze of the ‘80s and ‘90s is now available for you to watch with your kid! Check our Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, and Leonardo as they battle bad guys on the mean streets of New York.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 1: May 31

In this updated iteration of the heroes on a half-shell, the turtles face off against the Krang — evil alien invaders set on world domination!

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