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Oscar Isaac’s Best Parenting Quotes

The father of two is pretty private, but still gives us a glimpse into #DadLife every so often.

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Oscar Isaac and his wife, screenwriter Elvira Lind, have two sons: Eugene, 5, and Mads, 2. While the family keeps a low profile (he’s not even on social media) the actor has said some sweet, funny, and insightful things about fatherhood.

It's important to encourage kids to be weirdos.

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My oldest is ... excited about Moon Knight ... our costume designer, made him a little Moon Knight suit. So he did run around in that a lot.

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They watched about 10 minutes [of The Addams Family] and then started running around the theater. I hope that, maybe, [other parents] get 20 minutes before their kids want to run around the theater.

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To have this little baby boy, who I named after my mom, come just a month and a half later [after she passed], that was really, really something

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The only unconditional love I've ever really felt was from my mom. I'll never have that again ... but I can give that. And that shift, you know, has been a really beautiful thing to move into.

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[Fatherhood has made me] become a much less desperate person — I've got to be great. I need to be seen. I need to say the right thing. — all these kind of desperate feelings that have really, finally melted away.

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[Fatherhood] was just a reshuffle of what I find important.

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You have a child and you must — you must for their sake — you must say yes to life.

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