The characters from 'Toy Story.'

Where Are The Toys Of Toy Story Today?

We don’t know the answer, but we have some theories...

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While Toy Story 4 premiered in 2019, the events of the film happen sometime between 2007 and 2008. So what have the toys been up to in the past 15-ish years? We don’t know, but here’s what we think might have happened...

Woody, Bo, & The Sheep

These two are enjoying their second chance at love, traveling the country helping kids and toys alike. The sheep refer to Woody as their dad when talking about him but don’t, like, call him dad, because that’d be kind of weird.

Jessie, Buzz, & Bullseye

Since 2014, these three have enjoyed a quiet but rewarding “retirement” at Sunnyside Daycare (as seen in Toy Story 3). Jessie is still regularly delighted by Buzz’s “Spanish Mode.” Bullseye is dating a My Little Pony.

Barbie & Ken

They still live at Sunnyside Daycare but decided to separate amicably in 2017. They still live together and remain good friends. They’re both dating G.I. Joes.

Mr. & Mrs. Potatohead

Literally no knows. All we have left of them is his mustache and her hat, which reside in Bonnie’s dad’s junk drawer. Frankly, the fact that their parts didn’t all go missing before Andy was 7 is miraculous. They had a good run.


Hamm was brought to a thrift store in 2016 and purchased by a piggy bank collector. He now lives with other whimsically shaped banks on a shelf in a bungalow in Pasadena. He now realizes, actually, he was never meant to be a toy: he’s a proud storage system.

Trixie & Rex

In 2018, Bonnie found these in the back of her closet and gifted them to a little boy she babysat. They enjoy their new life but miss access to their favorite video games, which they hope the boy will get into when he gets a little older.

Claw Machine Aliens

These guys became a viral meme in 2020 when a popular account tweeted “Does anyone else remember those Pizza Planet alien toys?” Bonnie's mom dug the trio out of the attic and sold them on E-Bay for $75 to someone named "Geek4VintageToyz."

Sid’s Abominations

After realizing his anger came from a place of pain, Sid worked his way through college as a garbage man to become an art therapist for kids. He uses his unique collection to help them find a creative outlet for their anger and negative emotions.

Slinky “Slink” Dog

Died in a tragic tangling accident in 2009 and is still mourned by his friends. (Tangling is the #1 cause of death for slinkies of all size, shape, and age.)

Forky & Karen Beverly

These two became something of an inside joke in Bonnie’s family. They currently live side-by-side on Bonnie’s desk at college where she’s studying animation and sculpture. She hopes to work for Pixar after graduation.

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