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19 Beautiful Mother’s Day Desserts & Recipes

From these lavender cupcakes to lemon tarts to homemade ice cream, these stunning sweets will make Mom swoon.

Delicious, the perfect size, and absolutely beautiful, these blood orange bundt cakes by @charmerkitchen will certainly upgrade your tablescape this Mother’s Day. @charmerkitchen, Instagram
If Mom loves fruit, make (or pick up) some fruit tarts and garnish them with fresh flowers. For an extra sweet treat, use The Baker Chick’s recipe which uses sugar cookies for the crust. Debby Lewis-Harrison, Getty Images
Strawberry mille feuille looks absolutely gorgeous and tastes even better. It’s also surprisingly simple to make with Tasty’s 14-step recipe that calls for only eight ingredients. anouchka, Getty Images
You can make this raspberry olive oil cake in just one hour using @tablefortwo’s recipe. Top it off with some mixed berries and serve with lemonade for a perfect tart pairing. @tablefortwo, Instagram
Both beautiful and delicious, these mini blackberry, lemon, and lavender icebox cakes by @rachelquenzer are full of flavor with jam, cheesecake-like filling, cake, and whipped cream.@rachelquenzer, Instagram
You don’t need any machinery to make this no-churn blueberry ice cream by @grandbabcakes, but by the taste of it, you’d never know it wasn’t store-bought. Serve it in a waffle cone or delicate bowl and you have a delightful dessert. @grandbabycakes, Instagram
@Thekitchenista used her own buttermilk pie crust recipe to make the base of this lemon tart. For extra flavor and presentation, she topped it off with a lemon bourbon blackberry sauce and a few fresh blackberries.@thekitchenista, Instagram
You can’t beat @danistrailcooking’s jaw-dropping presentation with this lemon raspberry tart. If you’re up for trying, though, you can find the full recipe on Instagram. @danistrailcooking, Instagram
You can make a delightful ombre layered cake like this one with a couple of boxes of cake mix and some food coloring. emmaduckworth, Getty Images
@Emilykatesbakery’s almond blackberry cake almost looks too pretty to eat. Create your own with this recipe from Say It With Cake, which includes steps for making your own blackberry buttercream frosting. @emilykatesbakery, Instagram
Cake comes in many forms, like these gorgeous cakesicles by @thesugarcoatedcottage which are decorated with lovely edible sprinkles. Here’s her recipe to make your own. @thesugarcoatedcottage, Instagram
Order gorgeous Mother’s Day cupcakes (like these from @makeitsweeett) from your favorite bakery. Or channel your inner baker and put your frosting skills to work to create your own treats. @makeitsweeett, Instagram
For something a little more classic, you can’t go wrong with a delicious blueberry cobbler with a scoop of her favorite ice cream. istetiana, Getty Images
It’s hard to believe that this vegan blueberry cheesecake by @projectveganbaking doesn’t require any actual baking. @projectveganbaking, Instagram
Milkshakes make for a delightful dessert, and they’re easy to customize to mom’s liking. Set up a bar for her to create her own, or make up a menu so she can have one that’s made to order. Jena Ardell, Getty Images
One way to upgrade a basic chocolate cake or tray of brownies is to mix a little fruit into the batter. Strawberries and chocolate are a classic pairing, while blueberries add a little something different. Raquel Artero, Getty Images
Angel food cake is light, fluffy, and can be made right from a box. Top it off with some decorative whipped frosting and add in some light sprinkles or fruit for some color. Pastry and Food Photography, Getty Images
Pots de creme serves up beautifully and is surprisingly easy to make. This recipe from The Food Network calls for seven ingredients and only involves 16 minutes of actual cooking time. Brian Hagiwara, Getty Images

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