Seder plates can range from traditional to modern.

10 Beautiful Seder Plates, From Classic To Modern

Wine not included.

by Cat Bowen

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The Seder has a lot of significance and meaning, so why not pick a plate you love?

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This is the classic seder plate at a very affordable price. It probably looks just like your Zayde's plate, and might give you a little bit of the warm fuzzies when you use it thanks to nostalgia. If you're looking for a throwback, this is it.
Kids' Seder Plate
The Dreidel Company
This one is very obviously for children. One thing I love about it is that if you look around the edges of the plate, you see the 10 Plagues of Egypt depicted in a fun, silly style. (Check out that frog.)
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It's cheap and cheerful, and goes right in the garbage after. It's great for big gatherings where multiple plates are needed, or if you're in a temporary location. It’s also great for new parents who honestly just want to celebrate without thinking beyond soup and shank bones.
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I love how unabashedly bougie this is. Passover is arguably our fanciest holiday, and this really fits the bill. I love the dual tones and textures, along with the beautiful individual bowls for each portion of the plate. You'll love bringing this one out year after year.
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My Soft Seder Plate
Benny's Judaica
I'm dead. How cute is this? Baby's first Seder. No worrying about your baby accidentally choking on parsley, because it's stuffed. The photo opportunities with this one are almost too much. Bonus points if the baby is already covered in matzah crackers.
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I will admit, I'm a terrible Jew who doesn't always love silver. My whole living and dining room is done in black and white, and this seder plate just speaks to me. It also has English, so I don't need to muddle my way through second-guessing. And for $30? It's a nice choice.
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First Passover at home? Does your Bubbe have all the stuff? You're in luck, this kit has everything. Matzoh cover, kiddush cup, Haggadah, and seder plate. It's literally a one-stop shop, and it looks really nice. Some kits can look kind of schlocky, but not this one.
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I love this seder plate. Not only is it labeled in Hebrew and English, it also has a picture of the item for each divot, which is wonderful for kids just learning the placement and meaning of the Seder. And it's durable if little ones fling it in the direction of Elijah.
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While not technically a seder plate, this is a great way to keep toddlers motivated and entertained during the Yom Tov holiday. It's both great for minor motor manipulation development, and for keeping tiny hands away from Elijah's cup of wine.
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Forget everything I just said about silver. Look. At. This. Seder. Plate. She's a stunner, right? The modern look, the little elevated risers on the sides of the portions, the texture, everything. This is a real heirloom piece.
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