Valentine's Day

16 Swoon-Worthy Valentine's Day Desserts

These delectable treats are simply lovely.

The pink and white contrast of these strawberry malt sugar cookies makes them look professional, but they're actually very easy to make. All you need is a cookie cutter and a little food coloring. Hummingbird High
These mini popsicle-shaped cake pops are fancier than the traditional balls, plus you get more cake. The red decorations really pop from the white candy melt, making them both delicious and gorgeous. Pint Sized Baker
For a perfect red velvet heart cake, include beautiful cookie toppers and all the cream cheese frosting. Whether you want to make it all from scratch or from boxed ingredients is totally up to you. The Simple Sweet Life
What makes these cupcakes so gorgeous is their simple presentation. The floral liners, white frosting with pink sprinkles, and the marshmallow heart toppers make them look like they came straight from a high-end bakery. My Baking Addiction
To make these heart-shaped bark bites, get some festive sprinkles, a bag of Valentine's Day M&Ms, some white chocolate melting candies, and a silicone heart tray. They take about five minutes to make but will look like they took much longer. No. 2 Pencil
Create your own bakery-worthy chocolate heart cake using an inexpensive heart-shaped mold and pile on all the raspberries and chocolate shavings. Brian Hagiwara, Getty images
Sandwich marshmallows, frosting, or ice cream between heart-shaped cookies that are dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Glasshouse Images, Getty images
Fill heart-shaped bowls with decadent homemade orange chocolate pudding. To make life easier, pick up some boxed pudding from the grocery store and garnish it with orange peels and chocolate shavings. Eating Richly
Who doesn't like chocolate fondue? In addition to the traditional strawberries and bananas, add some heart-shaped marshmallows coated with graham cracker or Oreo crumbs to your dipping platter. Jelly Toast
If you've mastered the art of making macarons, take it up a notch by making them heart-shaped. Color them pink, red, and white for the ultimate Valentine's Day presentation. Pastry and Food Photography, Getty images
These marbled sugar cookies are just made from sugar cookie dough with a little food coloring added. Baked by Rachel
Linzer cookies are delicious year-round, not just during the holidays. The cookies are buttery, the jam is tart, and the powdered sugar ties it all together with a little sweetness. Samere Fahim Photography, Getty images
Whip up some homemade graham cracker conversation hearts and sandwich them together with ice cream, buttercream, Nutella, or cool whip. Since they're homemade, you can totally customize the messages on the hearts.The Merry Thought
To recreate these beautiful cupcakes, you need red velvet cupcakes, cream cheese frosting, and some candy hearts. Kathryn Harris/ 4Goodnesscake, Getty images
You can recreate this red velvet cake with a box of cake mix, your favorite frosting, heart-shaped cookie cutters, and some red marzipan. Show off the finished product by displaying it on a cake stand before serving it up with a glass of Prosecco. Hummingbird High