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12 Bold & Beautiful Leo Birthday Nail Designs

These manis deserve a spot in the limelight, just like you.

How pretty is this celestial manicure by @rockyournails? The intricate nail art is set against immaculate neutral nails, and gilded pinkie and thumb nails add some glam.@rockyournails
Leos are known for loving attention, and these yellow nails will garner plenty. Yellow and coral are fun and summery, and the nail art features moons and stars, the Leo sign, and the corresponding constellation.@fabelle_nails
Cobalt blue, silver accents, and detailed yet designs— there’s a lot to love about this Leo season manicure from @ pinkaliennailz. Peaked nails just add to the drama that Leos love.@ pinkaliennailz
Leos are the lion sign of the zodiac. Show off your wild side witH colorful and intricate lion art like this design from @nails.byemmaess.@nails.byemmaess
Want a salon-worthy mani you can actually recreate at home? Try these Leo nail decals from Etsy which include the Leo sign symbol, stars, and the profile of a lion. They’re really easy to stick on, too, just make sure polish is dry. Etsy
A bold mani from @nailsbyaran for a bold Leo. This one features the birth year in eye-catching Gothic lettering, plus a sun and the word ‘Leo’ on of the nails. Celestial gold glitter gives this even more pop.@nailsbyaran
Leos are a Fire sign (along with Aries and Sag) so flame nail art like this from @mysticsnakenails are fun way to give a nod to Leo season without going full zodiac. The white stars against blue polish are a cute celestial detail.@mysticsnakenails
This awesome Leo manicure is hand-lettered by @tattedtips with the name of the sign, the birth year, and the Leo symbol. The mauvey purple polish offers a nice alternative to classic neutrals.@tattedtips
Give yourself an easy DIY manicure with these Leo season nail decals from Amazon. They work like a temporary tattoo which you’ll wet and stick to (very) dry polish, then seal with a top coat.Amazon
Fire signs, like Leos, are known for their passionate energy. This manicure by @beautyroomabcoude shows that fiery side with a summer manicure featuring bright pink, lime, and turquoise flames against a neutral background.@beautyroomabcoude
Bold red nails will never go out of style, and a shade that veers more orange-red than dark red feels right for the season. You can rock this look at brunch, the office, and everywhere in between. Jonathan Jones / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images