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12 Scrumptious Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Serving these dishes in bed is optional, but encouraged.

For a lot of moms, it doesn’t get much better than having breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day. Make it extra special this year with one of these delightful Mother’s Day breakfast ideas.

Pancakes are always a solid breakfast choice. Go the extra mile this Mother’s Day by whipping up some of these sprouted flour pancakes topped with homemade vanilla pear compote. As impressive as this dish looks, it’s easier to make than you’d think. Two red bowls
Why bake regular, cinnamon rolls when you can make this giant cinnamon roll cake with a vanilla glaze instead? It takes around three hours to make (but that includes one hour to let the dough rise and 40 min of cook time) and about three seconds to devour. Baked By Rachel
Who says tacos aren’t for breakfast? For the mom who loves Mexican, serve her some of these breakfast tacos. The recipe calls for a whole list of ingredients, but this is something that’s easy to tailor to mom’s liking by adding or removing things as needed. Cookie + Kate
For a delicious sweet and savory breakfast, try these blueberry biscuits. Plus, as if biscuits made from scratch aren’t delightful enough, these are also topped with a homemade glaze. Suffice to say, you should probably make enough for her to have seconds. My Forking Life
If you’re fairly confident in your cooking skills, consider making mom some brown butter crepes with bananas, Nutella, and cookie butter. The hardest part will be making sure the crepes are thin enough without falling apart or burning. Hummingbird High
This eggnog chicken and waffles recipe gives the traditional dish a fun little twist (who says you can only enjoy eggnog around Christmas?). You’ll do everything from breading and frying the chicken to mixing a waffle batter from scratch — and mom will love it. Dude That Cookz
Mom will be impressed when you give her a plate of smoked salmon toast this Mother’s Day. To make it, you’ll need some rye bread, cream cheese, eggs, smoked salmon, capers, dill, and salt and pepper. Be sure to do a dramatic chef’s kiss after you’ve made it, too. Jelly Toast
Pizza is always a good idea, including breakfast pizza. For this recipe, you’ll need pizza dough (either homemade or premade, your choice), some cheese sauce, eggs, bacon, sausage, and fresh cheese. Serve mom up a few slices with a bloody mary on the side.Taste and Tell
Check out this recipe for a deliciously savory bacon frittata with potato and spinach. You’ll need a skillet (cast iron is best, but any will do), eggs, bacon, potato, milk, salt, pepper, onion, olive oil, cheddar cheese, and spinach to make this yummy dish. Simply Lakita
Don’t let the beauty of this pull apart monkey bread intimidate you, because it’s a lot easier to make than you may think. While it does take a bit of time, since the dough has to rise, the actual process of making it is simple enough for most beginners. Brown Eyed Baker
Hashbrowns? Yes. Spicy Mexican flavors? Yes. Put them together and you have this recipe for Mexican Crispy Hashbrown Haystacks. Similar to the breakfast tacos, there are plenty of opportunities to add and remove ingredients to make this dish perfect for mom. Brown Sugar Mama
You can’t go wrong with this recipe for strawberries and cream buttermilk waffles. They only take about 40 minutes to make and you probably have most of the ingredients already. Sprinkle some powdered sugar over the top, and serve to mom with a mimosa. Damn Delicious

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