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12 Pretty & Yummy Mother’s Day Cocktails

Cheers to mom!

There are all kinds of ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, and if the mom in your life appreciates a good drink, then a Mother’s Day cocktail is in order. Here are some delightful recipes to try.

Not only is this pink lemonade cocktail pretty, but it’s also super easy to make (not to mention, delicious). To make it, simply mix up some vodka, Malibu, cranberry juice, lime juice, Sprite, and a little thyme for garnish. A Classic Twist
If the look of this cocktail doesn’t intrigue you, then its name certainly will. The Little Tickle Cocktail is a blend of vodka, gin, and creme de violette. Shake it up and then garnish your class with a couple of cocktail cherries and a lemon peel. Jelly Toast
These strawberry thyme prosecco cocktails are perfect for toasting mom this Mother’s Day — especially if she’s a fan of bubbly drinks. Mix together chopped strawberries, sparkling white wine, and limoncello liqueur, then sprinkle some fresh thyme leaves on top. Damn Delicious
In order to make this red wine gin sour cocktail, you’ll need to make your own simple syrup first, since it’s a major ingredient, and then follow a multi-step process. This drink is, admittedly, a bit labor-intensive, but it’s so pretty and worth the work. Hummingbird High
Who says a Mother’s Day celebration can’t have a tropical theme? Treat mom to a few rounds of this POG Punch Hawaiian Cocktail that’s a mix of ingredients like passion fruit juice, Malibu rum, champagne, and orange juice. So yummy. A Spicy Perspective
For the mom who loves a classic drink, you can’t go wrong with a Lemon Drop Martini. You’ll need some fresh-squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup, Limoncello, vodka, and water. Oh, and don’t forget about the sugar-rimmed glass — it’s essential. Brown Sugar Mama
Making these sparkling pomegranate cocktails is super simple, it’s just a blend of prosecco and pomegranate juice. What makes this cocktail so pretty, though, are the ice cubes with pansies frozen in them. So, be sure to plan ahead with this recipe.A Pretty Life in the Suburbs
For the perfect blend of fresh and sweet, pour mom a mango mojito. To make this recipe, you’ll need fresh mint leaves, fresh mango, sparkling water, fresh lime juice, white rum, and simple syrup. Jessica in the Kitchen
If mom loves rosé, then make her a batch of this summer rosé sangria. The recipe is somewhat labor-intensive, since you’ll need to make some homemade strawberry syrup, but after just one sip, mom will be so happy you put in the work, because it tastes so good. A Cozy Kitchen
This salty dog cocktail is a delightful blend of bittersweet and salt. The drink is a mix of vodka (or gin) and fresh grapefruit juice, and the glass is garnished with a grapefruit wedge and a lime slice. The kicker, though, is the salt-covered rim. Averie Cooks
A traditional margarita is always delicious, but switch things up this Mother’s Day with a passion fruit margarita instead. Most of the recipe is unchanged — tequila, triple sec, lime juice — but the addition of passion fruit syrup totally changes the flavor.A Cookie Named Desire
Another great classic cocktail with a twist? The Kombucha Moscow Mule. To make it, you’ll need ginger kombucha, vodka, fresh lime juice, fresh pineapple juice, and molasses. Serve it up in mom’s favorite cocktail glass, and let her kick back and enjoy. A Cookie Named Desire

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