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12 Pretty Mother's Day Nail Designs As Lovely As Mom

The perfect excuse for spring pastels and floral designs.

These beautiful Mother’s Day nail design ideas can take your look to the next level this holiday. Book yourself a treatment to celebrate you, or follow along some of the tutorials to recreate the look at home.

As beautiful as floral nail designs are, they also require a bit of time, patience, and practice. For something equally pretty but a little less intimidating, check out this tutorial for the simple flowers in this manicure. LACOMCHIR / YouTube
If you like the floral concept, you’ll love this pretty design by @clarebnails. Each hand has a mix of basic glitter and floral designs, and it came together so well. To learn how to make different flower designs on your nails, check out this tutorial. @carlebnails
Who says you have to stick to a pink color palette? This manicure by @mai_nails_tunbridge_wells is definitely proof that Mother’s Day nails come in all colors. Plus, it also blends flowers and glitter, and it just doesn’t get much more fun than that. @mai_nails_tunbridge_wells
This Mother’s Day nail art is so subtle and so pretty. Admittedly, @beautybyannecy has some serious skill, because her tulips are pretty much flawless, but, you can get a similar look by using nail stickers. @beautybyannecy_
Check out this spring pastel manicure by She went with different shades of pink and purple, but you can go with whatever hues you like best. She also added floral designs on four fingers, but it would be just as pretty without them.
This Mother’s Day manicure has it all: pastels, flowers, and “mom” written across the thumb. You’ll need a steady hand to get the look (there’s a lot of detail in this design), but this video tutorial can certainly help you with that. Hotpinkzebrapolish / YouTube
Not a fan of pastels? This water-ripple-inspired manicure can be recreated using any color combination. Foap AB / Getty images
Check out this incredible, detailed manicure. It features flowers, swirly designs, and multi-colored lettering, and it definitely requires some patience and practice. If you’re up for the task, watch the tutorial here to learn how to DIY. DesignYourNailsByIsha / YouTube
This manicure by @nailcandybymichelle is the perfect blend of minimalist and color. To recreate it, paint your nails a base color and then just decorate the tips of the nails with colorful dots (which you can do easily with a toothpick or safety pin). @nailcandybymichelle
Consider going with a white base to make your design really pop. This detailed manicure was created using nail stamps (check out the tutorial here), but if you don’t have a stamper you can do something simpler, like daisies or polka dots. Sonal Mistry / YouTube
This is the perfect manicure for anyone who loves all things pink. The gradient look of these nails is so pretty, and the white designs can be easily recreated with a safety pin. Here’s a video tutorial to learn how to DIY. Beautiful Nails by Rose Pearl / YouTube

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