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13 Stunning Spring Craft Projects

You’ll want to keep these beauties on display all season long.

Fairy wings get an amazing spring upgrade thanks to pressed flowers, driftwood, and contact paper. Learn how to make these on the Woodlark blog.@woodlark, Instagram
Hollowed out egg shells make the cutest flower pots. Paint them with whatever speckled or intricate design you desire and fill them with potting soil before you plant in your spring blooms. Learn how to make these eggshell planters here. Nellie's Free Range
Stock up on spring blooms at your local farmer’s market, grocery store, or florist, and turn them into art. Content By Kristyn explains how to make DIY flower frames (tip: press the flowers first) and once you’re done, these will last forever.M_a_y_a/E+, Getty Images
Gingerbread houses aren’t just for the holiday season. This one from Lovely Indeed uses pastel colored M&Ms (which are available in the spring) to make a cheerful home fit for a Peep.Lovely Indeed
Mother’s Day falls smack in the middle of springtime. Use the day as an opportunity to have a little crafternoon with the kids to create a handmade card or some artwork for mom using a variety of craft supplies. Carol Yepes/Moment, Getty Images
Usher in the sunny season with a rainbow craft (and maybe even a pot of gold). This one from @rainbowandfireflies uses scraps of colorful paper to form a collage rainbow that comes along with April showers. @rainbowandfireflies, Instagram
Everyone in the family will have fun painting these little birdhouses that can be displayed as decoration around the house or hung outside for birds to enjoy. Plus, they’re so affordable: a pack of 12 mini birdhouses costs less than $8 at Michael’s.kali9/E+, Getty Images
Add pastel hued florals to a naked wreath frame to create something beautiful and seasonal to hang on your door. Wood wreath frames are available at craft stores. Don’t forget the gardening wire to hold the flowers in place.Mint Images/Mint Images RF, Getty Images
Have kids paint the inside of an empty egg carton in a rainbow of colors and send them outside to find a different item to place in each color.Cavan Images/Cavan, Getty Images
A little paint, paper, uncooked pasta, and markers is all you need to transform ordinary bow tie pasta into butterflies. Blogger ABCDee Learning shares an easy tutorial on Instagram. @abcdeelearning, Instagram
Who knew the humble yogurt cup could make such a cute craft? This one transforms an egg shell into a unicorn head, while a glittery straw or glitter-covered pretzel stick is used to create the horn. You can find more yogurt cup craft ideas at My Blessed Life.Elva Etienne/Moment, Getty Images
Introduce your child to the relaxing fun of scrapbooking. Put together a bunch of materials like washi tape, stickers, ribbon, and buttons and let your little one create whatever their artist heart desires.Nadzeya_Kizilava/E+, Getty Images
Handmade paper flowers are amazingly versatile. Use them to fancy up a present, glue them onto paper straws to create a long-lasting bouquet, or create oversized ones to decorate a blank wall. Jasenka Arbanas/Moment, Getty Images