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10 New Hallmark Christmas Movies That Will Give You All The Cozy Small Town Feels

Anyone else suddenly craving hot cocoa?

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Starting Oct. 22, new Christmas movies will air on the Hallmark Channel. Over 30 new films are on the way, but we’ve highlighted some that are sure to give you small town, cozy vibes.

Find Hallmark’s full Countdown to Christmas 2021 lineup here.

You, Me, & the Christmas Trees

When Olivia, a leading evergreen expert, agrees to help a Christmas tree farmer in the small Connecticut town of Avon, she extends her stay and feelings begin to develop. Watch it on Oct. 22.
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Boyfriends of Christmas Past

Lauren is visited by the ghosts of four ex-boyfriends, who teach her how to open her heart before she risks losing her best friend. Watch it on Oct. 23.
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The Santa Stakeout

A police detective is partnered with fellow detective, Ryan, to solve recent robberies. They go undercover as a newlywed couple, moving into a house in a small town next to their prime suspect. Watch it on Oct. 24.
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Christmas in Harmony

Harmony is tricked into auditioning for the Holiday Chorus in her town, which just so happens to be directed by her ex-boyfriend. But by Christmas Eve, she and her ex could be singing a different tune. Watch it on Oct. 29.
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Christmas Sail

When Liz returns to her hometown to take care of her dad, she is determined to give her own daughter the perfect Christmas. While she is there, she reconnects with her best friend, which you know means trouble. Watch it on Oct. 31.
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Open By Christmas

After Nicky finds an unopened Christmas card from a secret admirer all the way back from high school (and that small town), she and her best friend go on a journey to find the author. Watch it on Nov. 5.
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Next Stop, Christmas

After wondering what life would be like if she married a former boyfriend, Angie ends up on a train to her hometown, putting her in the past. Angie then learns what is truly important to her. Watch it on Nov. 6.
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A Christmas Treasure

After opening up a 100-year-old time capsule and having a meeting with a charming chef, a writer contemplates whether or not she should move to the big city after Christmas. Watch it on Nov. 7.
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Christmas at Castle Heart

When Brooke goes to Ireland for Christmas in search of her roots, she meets the Earl of the small village of Glaslough, where she is mistaken for an elite event planner. Premiere date is TBD.
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The Christmas House 2: Deck Those Halls

In the Christmas House sequel, two brothers compete to see who can create the best Christmas House. You can’t get more small town than going all out to deck the halls for Christmas. Premiere date is TBD.
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