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The Best Dressed Parents At The 2023 Grammy Awards

Moms and dads won big, and backed up those wins with impeccable ensembles.

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Fashion-wise, the Grammys are known for being somewhat quirky. Artists often go edgier, or more casual, than they would for other major award shows. This year did not disappoint, and celebrity parents stepped it up for their big night out.

Cardi B

I am obsessed with this wave-like Gaurav Gupta Haute Couture. It would be so easy for this dress to wear the wearer, but Cardi is rocking it: she looks like a work of art.
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Has this woman ever appeared in public without making a best dressed list? If she has, it is not this day. “Frilly” and “metallic” tend not to be used together but she’s rocking it here.
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Some dudes look natural in a tux and Mr. Carter is among them. The gentle shine of the fabric kicked this look up a notch for me: love it.
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This dress, with its rich fabric and deep wine color would have been pretty enough on its own, but the elaborate ruffled sleeves elevated it to one of my favorite looks of the night.
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Brandi Carlile

Whomst among us doesn’t love a pop of color? The vibrant pink shirt paired with the bejeweled sleeves of the long jacket was simple but decadent.
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Pharrell Williams

I won’t lie to you: Pharrell dressed like my grandma when she’s feeling jazzy but damnit, it’s working for him somehow. (Also he earns points simply for not overheating during the ceremony.)
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Viola Davis

I love the geometry, color, and movement of this dress because, like metallic and frills, it’s a combo you don’t often see... much like how you don’t often see folks EGOT, but in both cases Davis pulled it off!
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Heidi Klum

Fringe was a popular look for Grammy dresses this year, but our favorite example might be on Klum, who looked like a golden goddess in this deco-inspired gown.
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Anderson Paak

If Pharrell looks like my grandma and somehow making it work, Paak has one-upped him by somehow looking like my grandma’s couch and making it look fashion. Respect.
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Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly

These two look resplendent: like they’re the prince and princess of some magical snowy country, or a magic diamond mine.
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Jennifer Lopez

The ruffles, rich color, plunging neckline, and elaborate sparkling fringe of this gown is just the right side of “too much,” and we expect nothing less from J-Lo.
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Kendrick Lamar

Let’s all appreciate the flex of accepting Best Rap Album while dressed like your dad coming to a Little League game right after work.
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Michelle Branch

The casual ‘40s glamor of this look is so beautifully and effortlessly done I’m obsessed, and will be using it as inspiration for every wedding guest look I attempt in 2023.
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