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You Absolutely Need To See These ‘90s Celebrity Maternity Fashions

Maternity fashion has always been notoriously limited, but these celebrities made it work (prepare yourself for a lot of black dresses and shawls)!

No baby bump in the world can come between Victoria Beckham and her love of form-fitting dresses! (As it should be!) Here she is in 1998 pregnant with first child, Brooklyn.Peter Jordan - PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images
Stranger Things are afoot in this picture: Uma Thurman is pregnant with future Stranger Things star Maya Hawke. (PS: I count three layers at least in this look.)
Reese Witherspoon really isn’t showing that she’s already pregnant with future clone Ava Phillippe, but she’s already jumped on the ‘90s maternity trend of “you’re pregnant; wear black.”Andrew Shawaf/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

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My new favorite game is to imagine what dryly witty zinger Emma Thompson unleashed as she points to her baby bump in 1999. (Again: a black dress with layers was clearly a Maternity Mood at the time...)

Jada Pinkett Smith, on the other hand, missed every memo about black dresses and cardigans when she was pregnant with Jayden in 1998. Or, more likely, set them all on fire and did what she wanted. Icon.Steve Azzara/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images
Elisabeth Shue walked the red carpet at the 70th Annual Academy Awards sporting a stunning gold dress and a baby bump.HECTOR MATA/AFP/Getty Images
Jodie Foster, pregnant with her first child in 1998 and sporting a casual sundress, is peak “I’m over it” level of pregnant and I’m here for it.James Aylott/Hulton Archive/Getty Images
OK, to be fair, this was Cyndi Lauper’s Halloween costume in 1997, but I’m here for it. Excellent use of baby bump. 10/10.Mitchell Gerber/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images

Frank Trapper/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images

Lisa Kudrow’s pregnancy was famously written into Season 4 of Friends when Phoebe was a surrogate mother to triplets for her half brother and his wife. (Kudrow just had the one baby though, a son named Julian.)

One simply cannot talk about “celebrity maternity style” in the ‘90s without mentioning Demi Moore’s “minimalist” Vanity Fair cover by Annie Leibovitz (ft. Scout) Sean Gallup/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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