Julia Louis-Dreyfus' 10 Best Quotes On Motherhood
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10 Of Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Best Quotes On Motherhood & Raising Her Sons

The funny woman and mother of two is serious about being a great parent.

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a proud mom to two adult sons, Charlie and Henry. But the actress and comedian is still an involved parent no matter how grown her kids get.

As soon as I gave birth, I suddenly noticed issues in my own backyard. Motherhood changed everything for me.

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I have four sisters. I went to an all-girls school. So I just assumed I'd have girls. It didn't even occur to me that I might have a boy, let alone two.

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I run into those kind of [overly involved] parents everywhere. Maybe I am one.

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There is a lot of testosterone. My days are spent going to ball games now, although I do have a niece, so I can at least have someone to talk laces and bows with.

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Yeah, the working-mom thing is definitely tricky. Guilt is a b*tch. It's so useless as an emotion, for me anyway.

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They crawl away from you. They go to school. It’s a constant. Separation has been a theme in my life, something that I’ve really struggled with.

[I’m] thankful for my dear boy with good manners.

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Women want to do everything, and it’s hard to pull off. I brought both my kids to work with me when they were little. It was great, but it also split my focus.

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It’s good for my kids to see me have artistic desires, work hard, and have success.

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They’re still my babies. I think of them as my little baby-men.

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