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15 Of Kevin Hart's Best Quotes On Fatherhood

The actor and comedian is a proud father of four children: 16-year-old Heaven; 13-year-old Hendrix; 3-year-old Kenzo; and 9-month-old Kaori Mai.

Being a father while filming a movie about the importance of fatherhood made me want to be an even better father.

Daddy day’ is when you tell your lady, you say, ‘Look babe, don’t worry about nothing today, I got the kids you go do whatever you wanna do...’

I learned a lot from my dad, man... I learned a lot of parenting from watching my dad.

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I’m not qualified to watch my kids by myself. I’m not but I understand that and I’m man enough to own up to that. The reason why I don’t have the patience women have...your patience is unbelievable.

I’m very realistic. I don’t go overboard with the discipline because I remember what I was when I was that age. So, I’m constantly just talking to my kids. I don’t go overboard.

I’ve found that my communication and my honesty about what I did when I was a kid and understanding and knowing where problems come from is a big reason why we get along so well.

My daughter got me wrapped around her finger. Spoiled. I spoil her on purpose, I’m supposed to, I’m Dad. Crazy thing tho, she knows she got me wrapped around her finger.

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I’m a fun dad until you don’t do what you’re supposed to do. But even the tough dad is still fun because I can’t ‘not’ laugh at myself for trying to be tough!

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Your personal grudges, whether you believe it or not, affect your kids. There's an energy. You both have an energy

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What I’ve learned as a father is that the most important thing in the world is listening.

The level of love that I have for these kids is honestly unexplainable.

I definitely struggled trying to do my little girl Heaven’s head. There were times when I was left with the responsibility, and I just didn’t know what to do.

It's important that my kids see their mother & father HAPPY because we both deserve to be.

When your daughter matches your silly, you have to embrace it and the silly things that you can do together.

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I’ma make my son do it [take out the trash]...that’s the beautiful thing about being a dad. You can do what you want when you want, can’t nobody say s—t about it.

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