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Keeping Up With Momager Kris Jenner’s Best Motherhood Quotes

Because you know she has some thoughts.

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Every mother wants her children to succeed, but when you’re the formidable Kris Jenner you make sure to have a hand in making success happen. Here are some of our favorite quotes about raising her six children.

It definitely takes a village. I learned that along the way.

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I have learned to be ready for anything and be there for my kids. That’s what life’s all about.

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It takes time, but time is a wonderful healer. And we have two children together. It’s important for my kids to see our family strong and united.

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I never thought I would be in this place where all your kids are taken care of and settled down and have a home, and that’s such a joy for a mom.

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Being a mother is by far the greatest blessing. My children are my most precious gifts and I am so beyond proud of each and every one of them.

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I am living my dream because I get to work with my kids and watch them find their happiness. It’s so rewarding.

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I raised my kids kind of old-fashioned — if you don't have something nice to say, then don't say it at all. I teach love, acceptance, and tolerance.

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I keep track of my kids sometimes on social media. I have to check TMZ every morning to see what's going on, and then at night, I go to bed with Snapchat. It's like, 'What did they do tonight?'

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I love nothing more in this world than being a mother & a grandmother ... Being there through good and bad, life's most joyful moments & the most challenging, always with unconditional love.

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[Being a grandmother is] nice because you can play with them and like they say, give them back. You know, after the weekend’s over.

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