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New movies and TV shows for kids are coming to Netflix in March 2022.

All The Fun Stuff For Kids & Families Coming To Netflix In March 2022

Lions and ogres and time travelers, oh my!

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Spring is on the way... but, as we all know, March can still feel a bit wintry. What better way to keep warm than cuddling up on the couch? Here’s all the family-friendly movies and shows coming to Netflix March 2022...

Shrek | March 1

Looks can be deceiving in this classic film about what it’s really like to live in fairy tale. Shrek and Donkey must “rescue” Princess Fiona to save Shrek’s swamp, but they soon get far more than they bargained for.
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Shrek 2 | March 1

It turns out “happily ever after” is only the beginning of some stories! Shrek and Fiona are happily married, but they forgot to tell someone about their nuptials... Fiona’s parents, the Kind and Queen of Far Far Away!
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Where The Wild Things Are | March 1

When life gets too complicated at home, Max decides to run away to a magical land – where the wild things are. In short order, he becomes there king, but soon discovers becoming the ruler won’t solve all his problems.
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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Season 2 | March 3

He-Man and his friends must work together to force new alliances in order to defeat Skeletor in his relentless conquest for power. The fate of Eternos hangs in the balance!

Power Rangers Dino Fury Season 2 | March 3

With the power of the new Dino Keys, the Power Rangers band together to stop more squads of Sporix beasts out for revenge!

Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale | March 3

Narrated by your crush Regé-Jean Page, this documentary follows elephants, lions, wolves and many more species who have thrived in the Kalahari Desert's Okavango Delta but are threatened by a worsening dry season.

Making Fun Season 1 | March 4

Kids’ wildest dreams come to life when grumpy (but ingenuous) expert maker Jimmy DiResta fields their ideas for delightfully pointless inventions. A farting unicorn? Yes please!

Chip and Potato Season 3 | March 8

Everyone’s favorite pug is back and, of course, she’s bringing her secret pet mouse! Chip and Potato are back for more learning and little adventures, from first haircuts to first plane ride!

Karma’s World Season 2 | March 10

New challenges inspire new songs for Karma. From her new job to her run for school president, she is determined to make a difference in her community.

The Adam Project | March 11

Time-traveling fighter pilot Adam Reed (your other crush, Ryan Reynolds) has crash landed in 2022 running into none other than his 12-year-old self. Now Adam must team up with Adam to save the future!
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Team Zenko Go | March 15

Do-gooders Niah, Ari, Ellie and Jax know that anyone can be a hero when they’re kind, and no deed is too small to make a difference! Follow their adventures as they go undercover to help others.

Animal Season 2 | March 18

Season 2 of this immersive nature documentary series follows some of the world’s most beautiful and fascinating creatures with never-before-seen moments from the animal kingdom.

Transformers BotBots | March 25

In this new comedy series in the Transformer franchise, everyday objects morph into (frankly pretty adorable) robots after the mall closes for the day.

Mighty Express Season 6 | March 29

A team of trains and their kid friends overcome obstacles on the railroad tracks with teamwork and creative problem solving.

Super PupZ | March 31

When a cute and cuddly visitor from another planet comes to Earth, it’s up to four super-hero puppies (and their human friends) to save this furry visitor... and the planet!

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