A toddler on 'Old Enough' walks down a small town street.

10 Survival Tips From Those Clever Toddlers On Old Enough

It’s not easy being a little kid on a big errand, but these tiny champions have some advice.


The adorable toddlers on the hit Japanese show Old Enough, now streaming on Netflix, show bravery, intelligence, and gumption as they complete their errands. Here are just some of the things we’ve learned by watching them.

#1. There’s Always Time To Catch A Dog

Mostly, the children on Old Enough take their tasks very seriously. Every now and then, however, you get a kid like Yuta, who took a quick break from making his family juice to play with the neighborhood dog.

#2. Don’t Talk To Strangers... Except The Cameraman

The children don’t interact with the cadre of undercover camera operators and escorts on Old Enough, but when observant little Hinako spotted one, she was too polite not to say hello. (And too charming for him not to respond.)

#3. Always Wear Squeaky Shoes

When this little guy went to the supermarket to get sweet curry, fish cakes, and flowers, he put some pep in his step by wearing his squeaky shoes, which made noise every step of the 2 kilometer walk.

#4. Errands Are More Fun When You Bring A Friend

Naoki and Seina have been BFFs from birth, which means they can rely on each other even when times get tough. This certainly came in handy when they had to climb all 202 steps to the Otokozaka shrine.

#5. Shopping Lists Are More Like A Guideline Than A Rule

Look, did Yuka’s mother tell her to get shrimp? Yes. But how was she supposed to resist the “cute pink” face of a sea bream? In any case, her parents were proud and the soup was delicious. Mission accomplished.

#6. Never Underestimate The Power Of Snacks

Two-year-old Ao wasn’t so sure about going to the cleaners to get his dad’s kitchen whites, but when mom gave him lots of candies to take with him, suddenly he was full of confidence.

#7. There’s No Use Crying Over Spilled Fish

When Sota’s bucket broke, all the fish dad had caught that morning fell on the sidewalk. But did he cry? OK, maybe a little, but he got those slimy fish back in there and even found help for his broken bucket!

#8. But There’s Also No Shame In Crying

Hana is enthusiastic about helping out in the family restaurant: she even takes orders from customers. But when tasked with going into the hatchery next door to get a flounder, well, that was a dark and scary bridge too far!

#9. Lean On Your Community

Little Miro seemed to know everyone within the two-block radius of her errand to bring her dad the apron he “forgot.” Fellow shopkeepers and restauranteurs were all there to cheer her on and even help her cross the street.

#10. Remember What Motivates You

When the errand gets really hard, just remember how proud you (and your parents) will be when it’s done.

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