10 Parenting Lessons To Learn From Twilight (Even If You’re Not Raising A Vampire)

Come for the steamy looks and forbidden romance, stay for the surprisingly wholesome parenting tips.


#1. Always keep a watchful eye

Like Charlie Swan did when his daughter Bella started dating Edward, a vampire, and reminded him, “Hey. I’ve still got my pepper spray.”


2. Don’t be afraid to be the host parents

The Cullens chose to host Bella often, despite the possible temptation to suck her blood. That’s dedicated parenting.


3. You don’t always get to choose for your kids

Charlie Swan knew he couldn’t stop Bella from marrying Edward. So he supported her at her wedding. What else can you do?


4. Your kids want to see the best in you

Bella’s mom Renée is more like a friend, erring on the side of neglectful when her daughter moves in with her dad. But Bella sees the best in her, because this is what kids do.

5. Pregnancy self-care is everything

Being pregnant for a half-vampire baby isn’t easy, especially since they grow extra fast. But Bella took care of herself.


6. There’s nothing like a mother’s love for her baby

“She’s beautiful.” After one of the most horrific birth experiences ever, that’s all Bella can say when she lays eyes on her daughter Renesmee.

7. Kids grow up so fast

Sure, your kids probably aren’t growing quite as fast as Renesmee, but all parents know that feeling.


8. Keeping kids safe is always number one

Bella’s bedtime reassurance for Renesmee — “I’ll never let anyone hurt you” — is especially convincing since she’s a super strong vampire.

9. Don’t lose your sense of self

“My time as a human was over. But I never felt more alive. I was born to be a vampire.” It’s important for moms to keep their hobbies.


10. Take control of weird nicknames for your kid

Bella is really not impressed when Jacob calls her daughter Nessie, after the Loch Ness Monster, and she lets him know in no uncertain terms.