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Jen McGuire is a news and entertainment writer for Romper. She joined the BDG team in 2016, and continues to write about all things royal, family entertainment across all streaming services, politics, and viral parenting news. Jen also writes essays about her life as a single mom of four boys. Jen's bylines have also appeared in Good Housekeeping, O magazine, Canadian Family, Parents, and more. Her new book NEST: Letting Go From Italy, France, and Ireland about raising her sons and learning to live alone in Europe was released in May 2021. Jen lives in Canada and is desperately seeking a dog. If you meet any good ones, let her know.
Jen McGuire


20 Sweet Photos Of Royals Hanging Out With Their Sisters

Never were there such devoted sisters.

Tokyo Olympics

Annie Lazor Was Thinking Of Her Dad, Who Died 3 Ago, As She Won An Olympic Medal

“He was the most selfless, humble and generous man I’ve ever known.”

Tokyo Olympics

Suni Lee’s Dad Built Her A Beam So She Could Practice In Her Backyard As A Kid

And look how that turned out.


Jamie Lee Curtis Proudly Shares She’s Officiating Her Transgender Daughter's Wedding

The proud mom said she’s “watched in wonder and pride as our son became our daughter Ruby.”

Tokyo Olympics

Twitter Is Praising Simone Biles For Setting A Powerful Example For Kids

“Thank you for showing girls everywhere that they are so much more than other people's expectations of their bodies.”


Get Ready To See Prince Louis As A Deep-Voiced Ruffian In The Prince

The satirical animated series is now streaming on HBO Max.


15 Quotes From Peppa Pig That Showcase Her Sassy Side

Just ask her favorite victim, Daddy Pig.


10 Pitch Perfect Parenting Lessons From Ted Lasso

He might have been coaching soccer, but he was he also coaching us?


Chris Hemsworth Shared A Video Of His “Ultimate Family Workout”

Where’s my kid’s skateboard?


Sex & The City Is Apparently Now A Show About Parenting Teens

I couldn’t help but wonder... how will they find the time for cocktails?

2021 Olympics

Simone Biles' Mom Nellie Is Always In The Olympian’s Corner

She adopted Simone when she was 6 years old.


Paris Hilton Is Reportedly Expecting Her First Child With Carter Reum

Paris Hilton has been talking about babies lately.

Tokyo Olympics

The Youngest Athletes At The Tokyo Olympics Are Just 12 Years Old

Talk about precocious.


Lydia Jacoby Wore Her Childhood Goggles To Win Olympic Gold

And her mom filmed it on her iPad.


Simone Biles Withdrew From The Olympic Team Finals To "Protect Her Body & Mind"

She’s being assessed for “future competitions.”

tokyo olympics

Prepare To Weep Watching This Dad Choke Up Talking About His Daughter In The Olympics

“It’s just... the fact that she’s there.”

Tokyo Olympics

The Treadmill Runner At Tokyo Olympic Opening Ceremony Has A Powerful Backstory

Arisa Tsubata is a boxer whose Olympic dreams were put on hold as she helped Japan fight Covid-19.

Tokyo Olympics

Simone Biles Has Been Crowned The Official G.O.A.T. With Personalized Emoji

It was inspired by her 2019 leotard.

2021 Olympics

Breastfeeding Olympian Decides To Travel Without Son Due To "Drastic" Covid Measures

“Personally I can't accept these conditions.”


Usain Bolt Gives His Expert Commentary On Baby Olympians In Adorable Video

He’s been there, so he knows.