Travis & Jason Kelce Gave Us Another Hilarious Glimpse At Their Sibling Dynamic

“Goat cheese kind of creeps me out.”

Travis and Jason Kelce are so many things. They are NFL stars, podcast hosts, celebrities. One is boyfriend to Taylor Swift, the other is a married dad of three daughters. But when it comes to sampling foreign cuisine, they remain classic stereotypes of first born and second born brothers.

The Kelce brothers were recently in London, England to attend the British leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, where they seemed to go all in on all things British. Including a full English breakfast, which they sampled during a taping of their New Heights podcast. Which means fans got to see Travis turn into the picky-eating little brother while Jason was all in on trying whatever he could get his hands on.

“You wanna eat English food?” Jason asked his brother, while Travis looked hesitant. “We gotta eat food? I thought we were just drinking English beer.”

They were then presented with their breakfast, complete with beans. “What is it with beans?” Jason asked the pub owner, who insisted he try them with toast. Which he gamely tried while his brother, notably empty-handed, watched in shock. Jason admitted he “didn’t get the big deal about” beans and toast, but at least he tried them, which is more than we can say for Travis, perpetual baby of the family.

As Jason tucked into his blood sausage, he finally asked Travis “are you not going to eat any of this?” and baby boy Travis responded, “No I think you’re doing great.” Finally, Travis “tried” some eggs on toast because he was “pretty hungry,” as though eating eggs for breakfast was a wild delicacy he’d never seen before.

They moved on to afternoon tea, which is essentially just sandwiches and dessert on a fancy tray. Again, Travis struggled. “I’m not a big cheese guy,” he shared. “Goat cheese kind of creeps me out. Cream cheese is tough. Cheescake, same thing.” He did eventually try the pastries, while Jason shared that he and wife Kylie watch Great British Bake-Off whenever a new season drops. Which makes sense considering their mom Donna Kelce is famous for her homemade cookies.

These brothers have been known to eat entire chickens for snacks as teenagers, according to mom Donna Kelce, and swap out their homemade school lunches to go get burgers from Wendy’s. So it’s not that Tracis Kelce doesn’t eat, obviously. He just has his particular tastes.