Jason Kelce, Travis Kelce on 'New Heights' podcast, and Princess Charlotte.
New Heights/ Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Travis & Jason Kelce Had The Sweetest Things To Say About Meeting Princess Charlotte

“She’s a superstar.”

Travis and Jason Kelce are currently across the pond in London, and they’re meeting all the cool people. The future King of England, for example, who they both raved about during the most recent episode of their New Heights podcast. They met Prince William at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert at London’s Wembley Stadium, and Jason in particular admitted to being a bit awestruck. By Prince William, sure, but even more so by his 9-year-old daughter Princess Charlotte. Who is, according to Travis Kelce, a “superstar.”

The Kelce brothers recorded the latest episode of their New Heights podcast from a pub in London, where they shared their experience of meeting Prince William and his two oldest children, Princess Charlotte and her 10-year-old brother Prince George. “I gotta say, Prince William was fantastic,” Jason said, with Travis later describing the future King of Englas as “the coolest motherf*cker.”

“But the highlight was Princess Charlotte,” Jason went on to say. “Prince George was great too. She was so f*cking adorable. Like, I cannot.”

Travis agreed that she was adorable, going on to add “she was a superstar.” Which Princess Charlotte, as a young Swiftie who wore a pink sparkly dress to the concert and danced alongside her dad to “Shake It Off,” singing all the words, would surely love to hear.

Jason went on to admit that he might have had an affinity for Princess Charlotte as dad to three daughters himself, 4-year-old Wyatt, 3-year-old Elliotte, and 1-year-old Bennett with wife Kylie Kelce. It didn’t hurt that Princess Charlotte was also super charming.

“She had fire to her. She was asking questions,” the dad of three added, while Travis gave Prince William credit for being the kind of dad who encourages his kids to get involved. “I love it when parents ask their kids to be present, be vocal,” Travis said on the podcast, adding, “If anyone’s doing it right, Prince William is doing it right.”

The Kansas City Chiefs star was so overwhelmed that he didn’t quite know how to behave when he met Prince William, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte. “They were an absolute delight to meet,” Travis said. “Wasn’t sure if I was supposed to, like, bow to them, curtsy, just be an American idiot and shake their hand.” Which is pretty funny considering Jason Kelce had said “f*ck royalty” on a previous episode. How his tune changed. He called Prince William a “down to earth human being” and even went so far as to put his beer aside for His Royal Highness.

Who knew we needed the sweet crossover of the Kelce brothers and the royal family? What a delight.