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Prince William Danced Like An Absolute Dad At The Eras Tour & The Video Is Too Good

He shook, shook, shook it off.

Taylor Swift took her Eras tour to London over the weekend, and it’s safe to say that no one was more excited than Prince William. The dad of three has been going through a lot lately; his wife Kate Middleton is currently undergoing cancer treatment and his dad King Charles is also dealing with own cancer diagnosis. It was clear Prince William was ready to cut loose for a night. Or, as we saw in footage from Taylor Swift’s Eras tour stop in London, he was really, really ready to “Shake It Off.”

Prince William celebrated his 42nd birthday on Friday by taking his 10-year-old son Prince George and 9-year-old Princess Charlotte to see Swift perform at London’s Wembley Stadium. Notably absent was his youngest child, 6-year-old son Prince Louis, who we all know loves to bust a move whenever the mood strikes. A trait he clearly inherited from his dad Prince William. The future king was seen in videos shared on social media shaking it off to Swift’s “Shake It Off” with absolute abandon, arms swinging wildly as he sang along and lived his best life for a brief moment.

That’s the power of Taylor Swift, folks. She’s even bringing the dads to their feet to pull out their best moves.

Prince William’s unbridled enthusiasm for dancing was met with loads of approval from social media users. “I just know that Prince William was waiting for this his whole life,” wrote one person on TikTok, while another person thought that Prince William’s dancing looked awfully familiar. “Someone said he dances like Chandler Bing I can’t unsee it now.”

The dad of three wasn’t the only royal to get excited about going to see Taylor Swift. Prince William brought Prince George and Princess Charlotte backstage to meet the singer, and Princess Charlotte in particular looked like she was over the moon when they posed for a selfie. A rare occasion for members of the royal family, but Taylor Swift is worth it.

Princess Charlotte might be a very clear Swiftie, wearing a pink sparkly dress to the Eras tour, singing along with the words, and dancing with her dad, but this really was Prince William’s week. His birthday, Father’s Day, and his old pal Taylor Swift, who he first met in 2013 when the two sang “Livin’ On A Prayer’ with Jon Bon Jovi.

No wonder he was dancing his heart out. What a time.