Jason Kelce bought wife Kylie a sword for their anniversary.
Lisa Lake/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jason Kelce Got His Wife Kylie A Piece Of Weaponry For Their Wedding Anniversary

“Kylie loves it.”

Not everyone in the world follows the traditional gift rule for wedding anniversaries. First anniversary is paper, second is cotton, and so on and so forth. But Jason Kelce appears to be shockingly committed to sticking with the theme. So much so that he recently gifted wife Kylie Kelce a sword for their sixth anniversary as a symbol of their iron-clad union.

The dad of three recently spoke to his brother Travis Kelce on their New Heights podcast about celebrating six years of marriage to wife Kylie. First things first, the former Philadelphia Eagles center didn’t actually get anything on their anniversary, which landed on April 14, so needed to make up for it with a big gift. Travis previously suggested to his brother that he gets his wife a sword for their sixth anniversary, since iron is the traditional gift for six years of marriage, and Jason took his brother’s advice to heart.

“We got the sword,” he said on their joint podcast. Not only did he get a sword, he also had it engraved with a special message for his wife. “Happy anniversary, Princess Kyana,” the message read, which was meant to be a mash-up of Kylie and Princess Diana.

And here’s the real kicker. “Kylie loves it,” according to her husband. No word yet from Kylie Kelce, busy mom of three daughters (Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 3, and Bennett, 1) if she is super excited about getting a sword for her anniversary. A sword her husband admitted “is not that sharp, but it’s for show. It’s a symbol.” Not that she would necessarily want a sharp sword with three children around.

Now that Jason Kelce has gotten his anniversary gift out of the way, he needs to look forward to the next big event in the family. Mother’s Day. His mom Donna Kelce recently said that she doesn’t expect to see either of her sons for Mother’s Day, nor does she expect any gifts from them. Which is sort of genius on her part because she has kept her expectations low. During their podcast taping, Travis Kelce gently reminded his brother that they needed to get their mom a gift, and his brother (an actual parent), said “Why?” When Travis said that Mother’s Day was coming, Jason said, “Yes but not until next Monday.”

Mother’s Day is on Sunday. Kylie and Donna Kelce might want to plan for late gifts yet again.