Donna Kelce rarely spends Mother's Day with her sons.
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Donna Kelce Explains Why She Isn't Expecting To See Jason & Travis On Mother's Day

“But that’s okay, I have so many blessings, I don’t even care.”

Donna Kelce might be the unofficial mom of the NFL, but chances are she’s going to be spending Mother’s Day on her own. Just as she’s done many times before. Donna Kelce recently spoke to Savannah Guthrie about her Mother’s Day plans, and she’s not expecting to spend the day hanging out with her famous sons, Travis and Jason Kelce. Which it turns out is kind of par for the course for her.

The mom of two sat down for a chat with Guthrie and Hoda Kotb on TODAY to talk about her ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide and what her own family will be doing for Mother’s Day. “I’m very rarely in the same place as they are on Mother’s Day because it’s their offseason,” Donna admitted. “So they’re out. They’re off and running and doing their own thing.”

In typical mom fashion, Donna was quick to say that she didn’t mind not seeing her sons for Mother’s Day. Despite the fact that Jason Kelce recently retired from football and could probably hop on a plane with his brother Travis to take their mom out for lunch. “But that’s okay, I have so many blessings, I don’t even care.”

As a mom myself, I feel it’s only fair to tell both Jason and Travis Kelce, the recipients of their mom’s famous pre-game cookies, that they might want to go ahead and still do something for their mom for Mother’s Day. Just because.

When Donna Kelce was still raising her sons and providing them with entire chickens to eat for snacks, she did celebrate Mother’s Day on the sidelines with the other moms at various sporting events. Where she was presumably cheering on one or both of her sons. All of her Mother’s Day memories are “sports-related,” Donna, who is also grandma to Jason Kelce’s three daughters with wife Kylie Kelce, shared on TODAY. “Spending time with the mothers, having maybe a drink at a baseball game in a Solo cup.”

The Kelce family might not be getting together for Mother’s Day, but Donna told People that she and her boys remain a tight-knit little family despite their growing fame. “We’re very, very small. We’re tight-knit,” the proud mom told the outlet. “We stay together and try to help each other as much as we can.”

So let’s all raise our own Solo cups in solidarity with Donna Kelce this Mother’s Day. May they always be filled with lukewarm beer and love.