Donna Kelce says Jason and Travis had big appetites.
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Donna Kelce Shares Insight Into Feeding Jason & Travis In High School

They had “like 18 plates on the table” at IHOP.

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If you’re looking for tips on how to keep a well-stocked kitchen this holiday season, you should obviously be taking tips from Donna Kelce. The mom of two Super Bowl champions knows more than a little about keeping enough food in the fridge at all times. After all, she did manage to raise them during those extra-hungry high school years when both of her sons would sit down and consume entire chickens as a snack. Each.

Donna recently spoke to People about her experience raising sons Travis and Jason Kelce, who both went on to play in the Super Bowl against each other earlier this year. And as a mom of sons, of course the subject of food was top of mind. “They ate a lot,” she told the magazine about Travis and Jason, who play for the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, respectively. “They could sit down and eat an entire chicken in high school each — not together; each one of them could finish a chicken.”

She was careful to keep her fridge stocked with lots of food, especially meat. “There was always steak and always hamburgers,” she explained, on top of stocking her fridge with “normal stuff that kids want to eat” for her sons when they were younger. Trying to keep milk in the fridge was a challenge as they drank it every day, and they even helped themselves to her and her husband’s leftovers if they went out to eat and brought them home.

As for taking them out to dinner, Donna shared that she visited her sons at university and they asked to go to IHOP, which she thought would be pretty inexpensive. Nope. “So we’re sitting down and there’s like 18 plates on the table,” she shared with People. “There’s steak, there’s pancakes — and they devoured it all... You have to remember that they lose pretty much 14 to 15 lbs. every time they play. So it gets kind of crazy and you have to replenish that pretty fast.”

Donna Kelce continues to make sure her sons are well fed as adults. Especially when they have a big game coming up. The mom of two has a tradition of bringing homemade cookies to both Travis and Jason on game day, served up in a Tupperware container. Old habits die hard, and Donna’s habit of keeping those hungry boys fed isn’t going to just go away because they are now famous celebrities, one of whom may or may not be dating Taylor Swift.

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