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Moms Are Applauding Serena Williams For Being Vulnerable With Her Postpartum Jean Skirt Journey

“Don’t be negative if it doesn’t work out.”

Serena Williams has been trying to wear this one jean skirt for awhile. The Olympian has been sharing her postpartum journey with her followers, and that jean skirt of hers has become a part of that journey. A very vulnerable journey she’s shared with her fans, who’ve had the kindest responses to her latest update.

Williams, who welcomed second daughter Adira with husband Alexis Ohanian last August, took to Instagram on Monday to update her fans on her latest attempt to wear a maxi denim skirt of hers. “OK here we are again. Jean skirt. Let’s see where I am,” Williams, who is also mom to 6-year-old daughter Olympia, said in her video. “It’s been a very long journey. Thank you for joining me for this hard journey.”

This is the third time Williams has shared her efforts to wear this jean skirt after giving birth. The first time was back in January when she shared that she had received a Valentino denim skirt. She tried again in May, and when the skirt didn’t quite fit, Williams admitted she “wants to cry,” which resonated with fellow moms who have also felt frustrated about their postpartum bodies.

More than a month later, Williams was back at it. “Don’t be negative if it doesn’t work out,” the mom of two said to herself. And here is where her followers stepped in with some amazing words of support.

“Throw that skirt away and buy a new one with a lil stretch b/c your body is perfect,” wrote one follower, and this person agreed. “Serena pls throw that skirt away immediately! You’re perfect!”

“I just feel like this skirt is being disrespectful at this point because when you turned to the side flabbers were ghasted. That skirt is mean and needs to be banished POST HASTE,” one follower commented, while another added, “I like your honesty about the work and struggle. Not promoting snap back culture.”

One fan showed their appreciation for this vulnerable moment that so many moms would understand, “You know what I love so much about this…is that you are showing women that even a professional athlete can struggle with postpartum weight loss. Thank you for making this mama seen!!! I think you are beautiful regardless, thank you for your vulnerability, and bless you and your family.”

Williams has been refreshingly honest about finding a new way to love her postpartum body, even writing about her changing body in a relatable Instagram post in February where she wore a bikini and noted, “Loving yourself is essential. I find that I have to remind myself of that self-love through all different stages in my life,” Williams wrote at the time. “Right now I love that my body is not picture perfect.”

It really is a journey for so many moms after giving birth. One Serena Williams is modeling, one jean skirt fitting at a time.