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Princess Charlotte Has Been A Nurturing Daughter During Kate Middleton's Cancer Treatment

She is very “protective” of her mom.

This summer is looking very different for the Wales family. Kate Middleton and Prince William would normally take their children off to Scotland for a family holiday, perhaps try a little sailing or visit Balmoral Castle while the kids are out of school. While they might still go on holiday, things will presumably be more subdued this year with the Princess of Wales going through cancer treatment. This year, it sounds like Middleton’s 9-year-old daughter Princess Charlotte has decided to take care of her mom during her difficult time.

Royal biographer Ingrid Seward told Hello! Magazine that Princess Charlotte has become “protective” of Middleton during her treatment, adding that the 9-year-old girl is “really taking care of her mum.” Middleton, who is famously very close to her own mom Carole, has really fostered a close friendship with her daughter as well. “Kate and Charlotte are great friends and I think to Kate, their bond is very precious,” Seward explained to the magazine. “The mother-daughter relationship is obviously particularly important to Kate because she has such a close relationship with her own mother.”

Of course, little Princess Charlotte is not the only Wales child to take care of her mom. Her 10-year-old brother Prince George and 6-year-old brother Prince Louis have also reportedly been doing their best to look after her since her abdominal surgery earlier this year. Caretaking does appear to be in Princess Charlotte’s nature, as we’ve seen almost every single time she has been out in public with either one of her brothers. Whether she’s darting glances at Prince Louis to make sure he’s behaving, reminding Prince George to bow his head at their great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, or just doing her best to model excellent royal behavior, Princess Charlotte is a classic nurturer. She’s also the kind of little girl who always seems to want to emulate her mom, whether she’s flipping her ponytail just like Middleton or trying to perfect her curtsy to match.

It might be a bit stressful for all three of the Wales children to see their normally energetic mom going through cancer treatment. How lovely that they’ve chosen to help her and care for her as a way of dealing with the change.