Princess Charlotte is her great-grandmother's heiress.
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20 Photos Of Princess Charlotte Modeling (Mostly) Perfect Royal Decorum

She loves a curtsy.

Now that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are starting to include their children in a few more public events, royal watchers are getting a much better idea of what kind of little people they are becoming. Their oldest son, 8-year-old Prince George, gives the strong impression of a shy guy who doesn’t love the spotlight. His 4-year-old brother Prince Louis, on the other hand, does not appear to have any such trouble. He’s a little ham. But when it comes to really encapsulating royal decorum and protocol, we can all look to 7-year-old Princess Charlotte. She appears to take her cues from great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth when it comes to being a model royal, and honestly could there be any better teacher?

The only daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte has long been a standout among the royal children. As both of her parents have gone to great lengths to keep their children away from the public as much as possible, Princess Charlotte could be forgiven for not knowing how to behave when she does join them for a royal function. Instead she always rises to the occasion. And makes sure her brothers are rising right along beside her.

A Christening Gown Fit For A Queen

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Princess Charlotte was christened in July 2015 in a gown that was a replica of one worn by Queen Victoria herself. So she came right out of the gate with that royal attitude.

Iconic First Wave

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At her very first Trooping the Colour in 2016, Princess Charlotte gave the world their first glimpse of her soon-to-be iconic wave.

Where’s My Royal Food Taster?

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Not yet 2 years old, and already inspecting her candy cane during Christmas services in 2016 like she should be having a royal food taster come give it a once over. Ahead of her time.

Accepting Her Royal Due

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During a royal visit to Berlin in 2017, Princess Charlotte was given a small bouquet of flowers on arrival. She took them and was immediately appreciative, which is such a classy royal move.

Sometimes One Needs To Throw A Tantrum

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Manners and etiquette are all well and good, but part of being a royal is letting people know when you’ve had enough. And Princess Charlotte had no problem letting anyone at an airfield in Hamburg, Germany in 2017 know. She had had enough.

A Royal Charmer

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The little princess was a flower girl for her aunt Pippa Middleton’s wedding in 2017, and despite being just two years old she really knew how to turn on the charm for the big event.

Her Majesty’s Mimic

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By 2018, Princess Charlotte was attending her second Trooping the Colour and wisely chose to copy one royal wave in particular; Queen Elizabeth herself.

A Royal Disdain For The Paps

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The royal family has always had a complicated relationship with the media. And at the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding in 2018, Princess Charlotte carried on that grand tradition by giving the paparazzi the royal raspberry.

Her Trademark Wave

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By the time Prince Louis was born in 2018, Princess Charlotte’s royal wave was really coming along.

That Impressive Curtsy

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Princess Charlotte debuted her perfect little curtsy for Queen Elizabeth at Christmas services in 2019, and no one took her role more seriously. The focus on her face is incredible.

A Curtsy? For Me? If You Insist

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When Princess Charlotte started school at Thomas’s Battersea in 2019, her teacher came out and gave her a bit of a curtsy. Sure, she was probably just doing it so they could shake hands. But Princess Charlotte did not hate it at all.

Greeting Her Loyal Subjects

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Princess Charlotte might have been new to greeting royal fans in 2019, but she pulled it off with all the warmth and kindness of her own mom.

She Clapped For Carers

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At the outset of lockdown, Princess Charlotte showed her support for frontline workers by joining the nation in clapping for carers.

The Model Of Decorum

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Princess Charlotte was the model of decorum at a 2022 memorial for her great-grandfather Prince Philip. She was so focused on looking appropriately solemn that mom Kate Middleton had to reassure her that it was okay to smile.

She Looks To The Queen

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At the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, Princess Charlotte seemed to model her behavior after Queen Elizabeth. Always look to the Queen.

Taking Care Of Business

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Prince George and Prince Louis were put on blast if they didn’t follow their sister’s rules at the Platinum Jubilee. Like when Prince George leaned on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, for instance.

That’s Enough Out Of You, Louis

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The rest of the world seemed to find all of Prince Louis’ antics at the Platinum Jubilee hilarious. His sister, however, did not.

Reading Up On Her Hero

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While Prince Louis was causing mayhem at the Platinum Parade, his older sister Princess Charlotte took solace in reading up on Queen Elizabeth. Probably getting etiquette pointers for the future.

She’s Deeply Patriotic

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Waving a flag at the Platinum Jubilee, Princess Charlotte reminded royal fans that she is deeply patriotic. Because she’s a princess of the United Kingdom, after all.

Ready To Take On The Monarchy

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Keeping an eye on her brothers, studying the Queen... if anyone has the future of the Monarchy on lock, it’s Princess Charlotte.