Prince William and Kate Middleton had a fun day out with the kids.
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Kate Middleton & Prince William Had A Pub Lunch With Their Kids

Just a regular family with their new puppy on a patio.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William have really become the high-low royals. The couple are bound to become King and Queen Consort in the future, and they both live in a palace or two with their kids and their staff and their tiaras and such. But they also know how to let loose and appreciate a good afternoon of classic junk food as a family. In fact, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took their kids out for burgers at a pub recently.

The Cambridge crew was spotted over the weekend at a Norfolk pub, close to their country home of Anmer Hall, sitting on a patio and eating burgers, as The Sun reported. They were joined by their dog, who they adopted after their longtime family pet Lupo passed away, and their kids, 8-year-old Prince George, 6-year-old Princess Charlotte, and 3-year-old Prince Louis.

A fellow diner at the pub told The Sun that the little family was “laughing and chatting and clearly enjoying each other’s company.”

“They were eating outside, I suppose because it was easier for the children,” the witness noted before adding, “There was no security around, just them chilling like any other family.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William took the kids for burgers.

It’s not unusual for the Cambridge family to be seen out and about doing regular family stuff together. This past summer, the family was seen swimming and learning to sail in Scotland on holiday, and of course both Prince William and Middleton rather famously insist on doing school drop-off for their kids. Middleton in particular manages to really hit that relatable bell because she’s been known to be late for school drop-off and even enjoys a pub night with the other moms.

As for Prince William, his mother Princess Diana seems to have instilled in him an appreciation for a burger outside the palace walls. She reportedly used to sneak Prince William and his brother Prince Harry to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal when they were kids in an effort to make sure they understood life outside the palace walls.

All these years later, Prince William and Kate Middleton are doing the same. Spending a sunny Saturday at a local pub, eating fries and burgers and hanging out as a family. That’s the kind of thing they’ll always remember. That and living in a palace.

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