Kate Middleton is apparently late for school drop-off sometimes.
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Kate Middleton Runs Late For School Drop-Off, Just Like Everyone Else

The Duchess of Cambridge also rocks a ponytail on busy school mornings.

She might not be Queen of England yet, but she's definitely queen of relatable mom moments. In a recent interview with People, a friend revealed that Kate Middleton is late for school drop-off sometimes. Not as a slam, mind you, but just as a reminder that the Duchess of Cambridge really is a regular mom like the rest of us. We have seen evidence of Middleton's more casual approach to parenting and life in general in the past, but for some reason the image of her running around Kensington Palace trying to get the kids ready for school is just delightful to me.

An anonymous friend of Middleton's told People that the mom of 7-year-old Prince George, 5-year-old Princess Charlotte, and 2-year-old Prince Louis is more casual "behind closed doors" than people might expect from a future queen. "There are no blow-dries — it’s always hair up in a ponytail. She’s either in her gym clothes, or a dress and sneakers, very little makeup, apologizing as she’s late for the school run before dashing off. It’s the life of a working mom with three young children — just a different sort of day job to most," the source told the magazine.

And when it comes to dealing with her kids, that same friend told People, "She’s a very confident mom, and she’s no pushover. The children get told off if they act up.”

So picture it for a moment: Kate Middleton telling her kids off as she runs around in gym clothes and a ponytail, running late for school. Sound familiar, moms?

Kate Middleton is a regular mom, even if she is also a Duchess.

Middleton's reputation as a relatable royal mom has only grown throughout the pandemic, of course. During lockdown in the United Kingdom she took over homeschooling her two older kids, where she had to deal with skirmishes like Prince George wanting to do his sister's fun homework and trying to explain how the world was changing in age-appropriate ways.

But when the kids go to bed, that's when Middleton can really let down that ponytail and spend time doing whatever she wants. And apparently what she wants to do is look at YouTube makeup tutorials and shop online. In a pre-pandemic world she enjoyed the odd girls night out at a pub with fellow moms from Thomas's Battersea School in London, and I would imagine she's looking forward to getting back to that routine.

Running late to school, nights at the pub with other moms, and online shopping after the kids are in bed. Kate Middleton might as well be me or any of the moms I know.