Princess Charlotte keeps a weather eye on Prince Louis.
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Princess Charlotte Once Again Kept Prince Louis In Check At The Trooping The Colour

She doesn’t let him away with anything.

Princess Charlotte takes her royal role very seriously. Yes, she might be just 9 years old but still. She is third in line to the throne and also very much her mother Kate Middleton’s daughter. Not to mention Queen Elizabeth’s great-granddaughter and wave heir. So when she sees her impish 6-year-old brother, Prince Louis, being all silly and foolish, she can’t help but resume her big sister duty and try to get him to fall in line. It doesn’t always work, which made this year’s Trooping the Colour even more entertaining for royal fans. Because these two always bring that classic older sister/baby brother energy.

The Princess of Wales and her three children, including 10-year-old Prince George, joined Prince William on the balcony at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Trooping the Colour in honor of the monarch’s birthday. It was Kate’s first public appearance since sharing her cancer diagnosis with the world in March, and it was a real treat to see her looking well and happy with her children on Saturday. It was also a treat to see how little her family dynamics have changed vis-à-vis her two youngest children.

Here are a few standout moments courtesy of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis from this year’s Trooping the Colour.

When Princess Charlotte Was Not In The Mood For Prince Louis’ Dancing

Prince Louis got into the groove with the Scots’ Guard at the Trooping the Colour, his little hips moving to the beat as he made direct eye contact with his older sister. As entertaining as we all found the moment, Princess Charlotte looked less than impressed. I’m not a lip reader or anything, but it sure looked like she told him to knock it off as their mom laughed behind them.

When She Reminded Him To Stand Up Straight For The National Anthem

Few things annoy our little model royal more than when her brothers don’t follow royal protocol. Like, for example, standing up straight when “God Save the King” starts to play. Princess Charlotte was seen immediately snapping to attention when the anthem began, just like her father and future king Prince William. In Prince Louis’ defense, he stood up straight as well with his arms at his side. Just not fast enough for his sister.

When She Gave Him The Look

Princess Charlotte keeps an eye on Prince Louis.Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

I’m not sure what exactly Prince Louis did on the balcony to earn him Princess Charlotte’s 1,000-watt stare, but she is giving him a definite warning with her eyeballs. Neither of his parents looked terribly concerned about what Prince Louis might do, perhaps because they knew Princess Charlotte was on top of things.

They were probably just happy they weren’t in trouble with Princess Charlotte, royal protocol officer.